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Meric Traz






Meric Traz is a Hero in the service of Hero Factory.


Meric was created in the Assembly Tower about 5 years before Preston Stormer, Dunkan Bulk, and Jimi Stringer. He was the first Hero to land on the planet Icila, so he stayed at the Hero Factory outpost there and became a Home Hero (meaning a Hero outside the main embassy). He also has a daughter called Emily Storm and a wife called Elie Sky. 


Traz 1.0

Traz 1.0

Meric has a soft side and an aggressive side. He likes to spend time with Emily. If he is hurt, he becomes very aggressive, so he goes out to his base that kept him alive when he first landed on Icila. 


He uses a large plasma sword that shoots sigma plasma, which can paralyze enemies. He also has a plasma shield that creates a force field of plasma around him to protect him, but if the force field is touched, then it can cause the victim's core to overload, resulting in serious damage. He uses 2 dual-core infecting wings that shoot a large amount of Quaza