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Mexes Queen






Mexes Queen is a large, tyrannical creature. 


Pre Infection

She ruled over the mexians for 17 years. Many have attacked her, but they beat them every single tim with brute force. She has 8 childeren and all are very formidable. They held he golden fire for the tribe and manged to save their people with it many times. Poachers came and all got eaten. The only poacher who ever did damage was the wich doctor. There, she was decicevly outtmatched by the giant. Ofcourse, they had a tribe of warriors to balance it out. He let out many of his ferocious creatures and was winning once more. Their land of trees was burning to the ground forcing the Mexes Queen to save her people by sacrificing a par of the golden flame making them forever weaker. She reluctantly grabbed some of the golden fire, snuck up behind which doctor, and melted his face. He yelled retreat to the other animals so they all ran away, carring Mexians in their nets and injecting them with quaza spikes. The Mexes queen looked at her entire family and hugged them.


She was once the queen of the peaceful Mexians. They held the the golden fire, until evil brains came and destroyed everyone, even the flame. She was one of the most powerful soldiers in the brain corrupted army. Everyone trembled at the site of her and she killed many Heroes. Luckily, most of them got to the T-System in time.


Strength: 12
Agility: 10
Toughness: 8
Mind: 4


Strength: 24
Agility: 13
Toughness: 28
Mind: 4

Powers and Abilities

Mexes Queen has many powers and abilities. She has a fire bite, and she also has earth armor, a fire staff and tail, and a lava claw. She can create earthquakes and firey whirl pools. She can also transform into Mexes Queen XL. In this form, she has a lava hose, as well as massive feet that can crunch earth into bits. She wields a golden flame staff and claw, and has enhanced armor. She also has fire breath, high resilience and jumping ability, and can drain energy from others like the Fire Lord. Ultimately, she has enhanced versions of her previous powers. 


  • This set was made exclusively from bruizer, pyrox, and scarox, exept for the pole piece (not including XL). 
  • She destroyed quite a few Scarox before she was 'brainified'. 
  • She has an XL, the only true titan MOC I own that did not use friction joints or multiple legs.