Mike Zero
Mike Zero 2.0
Affiliation Hero Factory
Weapons 2.0: Duble Pistol
Ranged/Throwing Weaponry Grenade
Colors Red, Silver
Team Unknown
Location BlackSun Station
Status Unknown



Similarly to most other heroes, Zero was created in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City.


Some days after his creation he ment Alex, they was assigned to be train by Riaso Wolf and Lan Illumin.

Him and Alex started on their first training missions (which was to get Riaso pizza). There second training mission was a rescue mission to save four professors from elite villains. After some of their first missions, Zero didn't join the Delta 47 but join a different team.

Hero Recon (BlackSun Station)

Later the team fell apart and he was ask to join in Recon and he accepted and went to the BlackSun Station.

Brain Attack

Mike Zero BA

Attacked by the Brains

Years later a Hero have Stated the ShadowWolf Project and gotten Riaso Wolf and Alex Hunter. He take alex to his room and Riaso to the laboratory for the ShadowWolf Project.

Later the station was attack by the Brains and he gotten control by one of them.



Strength: 7
Agility: 5
Toughness: 8
Mind: 8

Control by Brain

Strength: 14
Agility: 6
Toughness: 16
Mind: 4

Recon Team
Leader Merrick Fortis
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