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Moya Barracuda
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Moya Barracuda (pronounced MWOI - yah [mwoi rhymes with roy]) is the underwater specialist on the Tau-4 Team.


Before the Brain Attack

Moya Barracuda was created in the Assembly Tower during the Breakout crisis. She, at the time, was equipped with two harpoons, her chem-harpoon, and knife.

She then underwent special training in order to master underwater combat. Unlike heroes such as Furno, who was equipped for underwater fighting, Moya was made for it.

Following her training, she was the assigned to round up any other aquatic villains by herself.

The Brain Attack then rolled along, and she was assigned to the Tau-4 Team, which was also when she recieved the special Carapace Suit. She kept all of her previous equipment, and was also given her underwater jetpack.

Now, Moya has proven to be a great asset for the Tau-4 Team, both on land and in the water. The team members have lost count of the number of times when it was Moya who saved them from Aquagon ambushes.

After the Brain Attack

Her many years of service to the Tau-4 has made her an Elite Hero, and she rightly deserves this title.

Her many years of experience will not prepare her for the future, however, even if she is able to peer into it.

Moya's story, as well as the rest of the Tau-4's, continues in the Madness Series.

Weaponry Detail

  • Dual-chambered chem-harpoon: Based off of the Hero Factory's experiences with aquatic criminals, blueprints were created for a powerful, multipurpose harpoon. This weapon can fire either corrosive or explosive projectiles. It can be fired on land, but at a reduced range.
  • "Aquajet" packs: An upgraded version of Furno's Breakout equipment. Not only does this propel Moya underwater, but it can also be used to perform short jumps on land.


Moya is... special. She is one of the most open, most loyal, and most honest Hero anyone can think of. This, of course, makes her popular among her teammates, but it also causes her to be a bit of a lodestone for others' secrets and troubles. She seems to be fine with this however, and does try to help others as best as she can, especially Kaylenna Whisper. It is as if Moya is the only person Kaylenna trusts.

Moya also would avoid fighting, if she were able. Even during the Brain Attack, she took it upon herself on to track down and stun, never kill, even if it was a Brain. She is not exactly a pacifist (she has one heck of a left hook, and she can hit a bulls-eye from a hundred paces), but neither is she suited for combat.

Tournament Standings

Moya usually places in the middle or bottom of the ladder during the Tau-4 Monthly tournaments.

  • Moya is simply unsuited for dueling situations.
  • However, her incredible skill with her harpoons and knives does give her a sporting chance at the Tournaments. She has been known to place in the top three, and has even won once.


Maximum value of 12.

Strength: 9
Agility: 11
Toughness: 9
Mind: 11



  • Moya is sometimes mistaken for being an assassin like her friend Kaylenna is, due to her two knives. (This happened with Bub's friend in real life, in fact.)