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Mulan Red Eye
Rebecca Whiplash
Team Leader

Wrecker team, Hero factory


Plasma Hand-Held Rocket, mammoth Sword




Makuro Streets


Rookie Life

She was born in the assembly tower and had a team called the Wreckers. The Wreckers, despite the name, focus namely on recon. But like is said in the name is how the wreckers trample over their opponents. The leader's team was destoryed in a terrible mission against Vridle and was then promoted to team leader. The name was Drake Blueflame. Mulan had very few teammates aside from him consisting of Guile Scope, Samuel Slick, and Scopiana Rodstence. Mulan was the most tenachious but followed her leader's orders closely. Red-Eye was called a freak, or "frek" as they mispronounced by Furno and his team do to her, as the name states, freakishly large red eye but quickly stopped when they saw Mulan's eye was just head gear that was only retracted when she wanted to. The team went on many middle of the road missions and was usually successful until one fateful day.

Rise To Leader Ship

When the team chased after a crook named Vridle, her life changed. He was a rogue hero wich was very common. Though unlike most rogue heroes, Vridle was very subtle. When Mulan and her team searched for the crook, they heard a very beautiful violin piece. It was in a very dark city at night, the only time and place Vridle attacks, and everyone in the team had eachother back to back while they heard the noise drawing nearer. Everyone knew that was when Vridle attacked and had their weapons draw out of their hands but nothing happened. Blueflame got out and searched around as it got louder, and louder, and then stopped. Blueflame looked around frantically and was soon loosing it. And an eary sound of a violin with a large cutting noise came about right next to his ear. Everyone looked for the body and Mulan found it. The head was cut in half with oil comming out of it's skull and a shrivelled body. Red Eye looked at him sorrowfly and procceeded to cry.

Dart Team Rivalry


First Millennial Encounter


Iron Kriko


Snow Flake


Millennial Shadow




Brain Attack