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"I don't fear death. Death fears me."
―Blitz to Jetbug
2.0 form

Hero Factory- leader of Meca1


Multi-functional ice shield, dagger




Qela mountain factory

Nathan Blitz is a hero and the leader of Meca1 team.



Like all other heroes, Blitz came into being via the assembly tower. He was integrated with Meca1, but quickly gained the 'elite' Hero status and ended up being asked to become team leader after the first leader was killed in combat. Blitz accepted this burden as has become a recognized hero of importance after a number of successful missions ever since.He wasnt 'born with the upgrade' as his first mission was as a 1.0 hero.

The Pact

When Blitz was a rookie, he, and the other rookie made around the same time as Blitz,as well as their leader at the time, were sent on a mission to capture a second division of a group known as the fire villains, which was led by the notorious Jetbug who was on the ice planet Qela. All was going well and the team had managed to cuff three of the six villains when Blitz was Caught in a struggle with Jetbug. Blitz managed to send jetbug flying but got caught in some hardening magma, making his feet stuck. Jetbug was lining up a shot and fired, but the team leader came from nowhere, jumped in front of the rookie, taking the blow himself. The round splintered inside the brave hero's chest,fragments flew everywhere, puncturing his core and going through his reserve back up power in his back. The rookies tried everything to keep their leader alive, but their attempts failed. Blitz held his leader in his arms, swearing that he would find, and kill if he was allowed, Jetbug.

Jetbug was apprehended when Mark Surge cuffed him, but he escaped in the breakout and fled back to Qela. Blitz got so angry at this, that he literally smashed up the mission control room in rage. He had to be sedated before he hurt anything or anyone, and was taken to the hero hospital to calm down.Blitz got another chance at trying to capture his foe when he was assigned to Jetbug in the Breakout. His mission , unknown to Blitz wasnt failed when Jetbug managed to create a ship and escaped. He then got in his hero pod and chased after him, and with a shot to the ships engine, maganed to take down jetbug and cuffed him.

His second Breakout mission was to capture a villian that had escaped to a mining planet and was fitted up with a new L-class form- this means that he got an upgrade not as large as an XL, but still larger than a regular sized hero.

Rebuilding Meca 1

After the team leader Nick Force had 'died', Blitz was put in charge. In the year that followed, it was all down hill for the team. First, Two rookies died in a nuclear explosion, leaving only four members left,and the one of the last two rookies went missing, later found dead with magma wounds to his core, and the last went clinically insane after witnessing the death of a civillian he had befriended.

Finally, only two members were left, Nathan Blitz and Jamie Thrust . Akiyama Makureo told them they had to rebuild thier team or they would be shut moved to a different team. So Blitz and Thrust called up loads of thier freinds to ask if they could become a member of the team.

Blitz called up Jason Lance, a mountaineering expert, and after a couple of pleading calls, he grudingly accepted that his friend needed help. Thrust called up some heros he had been on missions with and his Best friend Steve Chill , and they all eagerlly excepted, hoping this would get them recognised.

Shortly after, two female rookies and one male rookie was intergrated into the team. Jamie Thrust particullay like training the male rookie, as he too could fly.

Brain Attack

During time off, The MECA1 team were called imediattly to the MCR (Mission Control Room). MECA1 was sent to the Factory world of K-LLR. According to the people who sent out the distress signal, some brains had fallen into some radioactive Material. When they latched onto peoples heads, they didnt stay there like in Makuhero city, the open thier chest open and infected the hosts with a diesase. The disease mutated the hosts, and turned them into Very dangerous creatures, but the locals of the planet didnt call the Zombies because it was unhloy in thier culutre. Akiyama Makuero decided these Zombies had to be killed, as they were too dangerous. The MECA1 team were given powerful weapons to kill the Zombies.

Nanobot Infection

Blitz, like Preston Stormer, was infected with nanobots, but unlike Stormer, his nanobots stayed, living on his core until they were at their most powerful, and made him rageful, but this time the nanobots had adapted to getting injected with the cure, and just got more powerful. Blitz has these 'rage' bots inside him, and much like the incredible hulk, they only attack him when he is angry, but he can control these nanobots to come out when he wants. This means his greatest illness is his greatest weapon. During one of his uncontrolled sprees of rage, he armed himself with Von Nebula's staff and seriously injured five members of hero factory staff that were around at the time.


Blitz is a hero that is always taking part. He doesnt hog all the glory and always gives rookies a chance. This is most noteable when his three man team gets three rookies intergrated into it. Normally, any team leader would

When I find jetpack-no thats not right...

have gone 'oh great, more rookies.'But Blitz didnt.He always finds a way that Rookies on his team can help, and can be quite fatherly in times of loss to the team or for anyother reason.He always trys to cheer people up when they are down or injured and never gives up hope.He is non forgiving to villians that hurt close friends and breaks the rules sometimes. On one ocassion, he killed a villian working with Voltix. Co-incidentally, the villian was working on the breakout with Voltix at the time. However, the heros close to him think that his rage at Jetbug is effecting his health somehow. Blitz is a hero always up for a laugh, but knows when the jokes gone to far.


Blitz has a ranged skill set. This is from long range gunning to up close and personal fighting, which he favours the most. He uses his Ice multitool as a shield 75% of the time and uses his dagger and his fists as what he calls 'knockouts', using them to knockout any nearby villians with a single blow to the head. He can also make himself powerfuller in short doses allowing him to 'unlock' abilites previously un avalible to him.


As a fighting expert, Blitz doesent really need many weapons, however he always tells the assemby towers operaters otherwise, and sometimes gos a little over kill on weapons, most noted in the breakout. He is armed with an Ice shield and a dagger which he ironicly names 'sneaky' which is weird because any villian on the reciving end knows all about it when it hits them.The ice shield he uses continues his weapon spree. Fitted with a buzz saw, mini rifle and blue LEDS that can blind enemys if they get within a meter when its at full strength.

During the Breakout, Blitz sports a semi-automatic shotgun and a breakout blaster, as well as his lucky dagger, sneaky. For extra mesaure, he personally fitted himslef with a HEX energy shield. In normal hands these would hurt, but in rage-fulled Blitz's hands they are deadly to anyone-specifically, Jetbug.In his second mission, he was fitted with a plasma blaster and a propaine cutter, allowing him to get through old mining doors stuck in place with tons of rust


Nathan Blitz was the only member to have two Breakout missions, as opposed to the others, who had gone of to fight other villians on the far corners of the galaxy.


These Stats were given after his latest mission, the maximum being 10.

Strength: 5
Agility: 9
Toughness: 6
Mind: 10


MECA 1 Origins- Nick Force


  1. First in my'new and improved scheme'
  2. Uses Bulks 2.0 ice shield rocket launcher thingy on the back
  3. Inspired by a mix of stormer 2.0, furno 2.0 and Jenny sharp