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The Natov are a violent, warlike, expansionist species.


A few years ago, the Natov had declared war on the Cherak, who quickly turned to Hero Factory for assistance. Hero Factory sent several hundred Heroes to their sector, and after more then two years of fighting, the Natov agreed to the peace terms of the Cherak.

Currently, they are rebuilding.


Physical Prowess

Natov are naturally strong and agile, able to match or beat a Hero in strength. To go along with that, they seem to be naturals at hunting, having senses that surpass several other alien species.

They have a great amount of stamina, being able to run for days straight without pausing. This allows them to march and fight for days and wear down their opponents long before they get tired.

Interestingly enough though, they can die very easily from blood loss, and even getting a bloody nose could be fatal. The reason for this is that a Natov body clots the blood flow very slowly, and so without assistance an injury will continue to flow for a few hours. However, Due to the thickness of their skin, the armor they often wear in battle, and technology and medical supplies that most Natov have, the chances of death by blood loss in highly unlikely nowadays.


The Natov have a somewhat brutal society, with it being based around technology that kills things, helps you kill things, or protects you from things trying to kill you. The Natov do not usually fight in wars with each other, but build the weapons they do because: 1. they know they'll be used someday, and 2, without their war industry many Natov would be without jobs.

The Natov know little of pleasantries, which might be explained by the fact that they're expansionists, and only care to conquer and preserve themselves.


  • Argh based the Natov's look on the space pirates from Metroid because in his opinion, they look great for any violent and warlike race.
  • I (ArghYeMatey) imagine them to look like a combination of this and this.