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Nevell Punk
mutant hero

Arachnix Queen


His body




Hero Factory Mega Prison

Nevell Punk is a Hero who was created in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City. He is the veteran of the Omega 10 team.


Arachnix Infestation

Omega 10 was sent to Mekiks 5 to stop the Arachnix infestation. The team went in to the Rumblus Volcano to search for the Arachnix Nest and spray the gas-form acid on the queen. While walking over the Bridge of Nef after spotting an Arachnix and chasing it, Flynn dissapeared and wasn't heard from again. John and Nevel went on without him. They then climbed up to a secret chamber, although during the climb, Nevell also disappeared.

John soon found the nest and the Arachnix queen. He also found the mutated Flynn Fly with the mutated Nevel Punk. Flynn had a bulkier upper body and smaller legs, and Nevell had longer limbs. John did not want to hurt his friends, but had no choice. He kicked Nevell in the face but just got his foot stuck in his head. The Queen then got in to the fight and bit John, mutating him as well. The Wreckers were sent in to finish the job and did so. The Mutated Omega 10 team was then sent to Prison.