""We're screwed Blitz !!! Get it? WE'RE SCREWED!!""
―Force to Nathan Blitz
Nick Force

Hero Factory, Former leader of Meca 1


Swords, Acid Blaster, Machine chain-gun




Makuro city, secure Hero Hospital



As with all heroes, Nick Force was created in the assembly tower. He was intergrated as the co-leader of Meca 1, and became the second leader after the first leader was killed in battle. He trained himself to be a Master Assasin and Motorbike driver, and would use these to pull of moves even the sharpest villian didnt expect. He carried on with being leader until he was killed by Jetbug.

Serious Injury

Unfortunatly, Force was severley injured saving Nathan Blitz from Jetbug, and in doing so he was shot in the core, taking the shot for Nathan. He did this because Blitz was one of the only three elite members. Whilst he slowly feel into a deep sleep in Blitz's arms, he told him to inherit leadership of the team.


Blitz believed Force had died, however he was put in a secure pod whislt workers fixed his body. However the injurys were more complex than first thought, so he was put in stasis. Whilst he was being fixed, he suddenly woke up, and later reviews found that his core had fixed itself, as if it had created a sort of medicine from ingrediants in the liquids he was being kept in, therefore boosting the regeneration process.He was quickly put in the assembly tower for his 2.0 upgrade.

Abilities and Traits


Nick Force is a hero that seems like he dosent care for people.This is wrong, as shown wgen he saved Blitz from Jetbug and his minions He questions everything and isnt very merciful to villians that get in his way. Some people think because of this, he is a bad leader, but his mission succes rate is really high, proving otherwise.


Force loves Guns, Grenades, and basically anything he can shoot or hurt villians with.Ever since he was a young rookie, he showed a considerable skill in the art of sword swinging. He managed to get plans for Speeda Demons swords after he took him down on a mission. He also has one of the first 2.0 Aquapacks, and has Experimental Armour designed for a Breakout.


"I have a plan of attack- attack"
"Don't you just hate it when that happens?"
―Force talking to Blitz after he got shot by jetbug


  • He is based on an illeged breakout hero of the same name
  • He is purple
  • He is based on the marvel character Tony Stark, better known to fans as Iron man.