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Noah Stealthshadow

Mark Surge


Electroblade, Multi-Purpose Claws




Makuhero City

"I am a hero. You, Darkblaze are not. I will stop your evil!"
―Noah Stealthshadow

Noah Stealthshadow is a Hero who was created in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City. He is best known as the Hero who stopped the rogue Hero Darkblaze. 


Noah Stealthshadow was made in the 31st December 2010. When he left the Assembly Tower, the first thing he saw was a huge robot on the rampage. Noah shocked the robot into paralysis and found a smaller robot (now known as Darkblaze) on the inside, who was using the larger robot as armor in attempt to destroy the Hero Factory. The smaller robot was still quite larger than Noah Stealthshadow and he could not defeat it, so he was forced to let it get away.

Later, Noah was given a mission to find the missing Hero Blazeburn, who had vanished on a misson to a distant planet. The Hero Factory had found out where he was and sent Noah to the planet. When he got there, he discovered a castle. He went into the castle and saw the robot that he had seen outside of Hero Factory. The robot laughed and told Noah that Blazeburn is no longer Blazeburn, and that he was really Darkblaze. Realizing the robot was Blazeburn, Noah began fighting him. He threw Darkblaze into a pit of fire, killing him, and he returned to the Hero Factory. He was later upgraded to a 2.0 form in April 2011. Noah was then given a misson to stop the villan Darkwarp. He went to Darkwarp's cave and cornered him, then fired a stun blast out of his eye and defeated him. 

Stealthshadow was then drafted into the H Team. He fought against Zobort when the H Team was dispatched to stop him from robbing the Makuhero Bank, and they succeeded. A few days after, Preston Stormer came to the Assembly Tower severely damaged. Hak lead the team to the Shtok District, where they almost apprehended Zobort, but the Villain committed suicide before they could apprehend him. 

Stealthshadow is currently active in Makuhero City.