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Conner Fereydoon, Himself


Claws, sword, laser machine gun




Makuhero City

Nuukor is a villain from an outer rim of the Galaxy.


Nuukor was raised in the outer rim of the galaxy. No government could really control these outer planets, so many of those out there turned to crime. Nuukor was one of those people. Growing up in a criminal society, he was initiated Conner Fereydoon's crime syndicate. He eventually became the top enforcer of the syndicate, earning him a great deal of power, along with many enemies. He has encountered the Hero Factory a few times, but has never been a top-priority target. He was brought in by the Factory once, but was released due to insufficient evidence against him.



Nuukor is a giant. Like the giants of Gaeilg, he towers above those of Makuhero City. However, he is nearly a head taller than the giants of Gaeilg. This was noted when he went toe-to-toe against Rowan O'Riley, another giant. He is moslty black, with some gunmetal gray on his back. He wears silver armor on his upper body and black armor on his legs. His hands have large, silver claws on them.


Nuukor's claws are extremely sharp, and can cut through many things. These claws also allow him to scale walls and other surfaces. He is also immensly strong. Despite his size, he is very agile and can move very quickly. Intillectually, he is no slouch. The rare combination of raw power and high intelligence makes him a force to be reckoned with. He is trained in a few martial arts, along with parkour.