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The Brain Factory (Formerly), Himself


Mace (Formerly), Vines (Formerly), Claw (Formerly)




Makuhero City

Ogrum: "OGRUM SMASH!!!!"
Breez: "Yeah, about that..."
―Ogrum and Natalie Breez

Ogrum is a Brain-infected troll that was part of the Brain Attack on Makuhero City.


Ogrum was a normal troll on Tantalus II until he and his brother Mugor were attacked by Brains. The two then attacked Penitentiary 1125 and brainified the villains captured there. With their new army, the two overtook the Valiant and set the ship on a collision course for Makuhero City. Ogrum managed to escape the Valiant before it was destroyed, through Mugor was not as fortunate and was trapped, but alive.

The infected-Ogrum later participated in the invasion of Makuhero City, and he was the last mutant troll standing. He battled Breez and was cuffed. Ogrum was taken back to Hero Factory and the Brain parasite was removed. Ogrum was returned to Tantalus II and was reunited with Mugor who had been saved by the Heroes on-board the Valiant. The two lived happily on their world.



As a troll, Ogrum has no special weaponry. He is strong and able to lift almost twice his weight.


Once taken over by a brain, Ogrum carried a Mace. He was covered in vines and had a claw as a right hand. His skin a saliva became infectious. His transparent green armor can be used to store poison. He also has a hand that can turn into many vines that can strangle an opponent.


Ogrum is dumb and brutish, but he cares for Mugor and doesn't like to hurt people. He regrets the damage he did while under the influence of the Brains.


  • He likes to eat mushrooms. 
  • His mace is a mutated mushroom.