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Used to be a little asteroid, it was expanded with metals and solid energy, turning it into a massive prison. Eventually Silvarx, Tina, Levorax and the rest of the Sanity Factory got imprisoned there. Soon Akiyama Makuro was forced to take actions, and thus he sent 5 teams of Hero's to stay as guards and staff. Soon Monsticons were employed as extra secutity.

Early actions

More prisoners got employed. Notably Voltix, Core Hunter, Levira, Levirax, "Rapid", and the Flame Eaters. Monsticons were usually sent to guard extra "special" prisoners, such as Von Nebula or Black Phantom. A notable action was

Weaponry and defenses

It wields Plasma cannons, motion sensing radars, heat seeking radars(with missiles), Ionized fusion cannons and Energy grenade launchers.


Jake and Blake Frostcaller(medics)

Greg Sevenstar(Guard)

Emma Wishsphere(Guard)


Ivan Demrom(Councellor)

Tina Goldsteel, Wayne Silverwade, "Pladxi", "Ladix(Guards)


"Plasma", "Grenade"(escaped), "Firetorch"(escaped), "Waterspore"(escaped), "Plantacorex"(escaped), Toxicoa, Tixalo(escaped),  Batixoralax, Brolastorex, Svelaorx, Tevaxh, Hekja, Pain, Jealousy, Anger, Sadness, Sorrow, Envy, Hatred, Sloth, Lust, Emoalji


Ominera was based off of Infernum and some other things.

Ominera is protected by a asteroid belt, acid storms on the outside belt, Terraxaviaomians and a strange energy

Ominera is Terraxviaomian for Energy and Primea means Prime.