"Palaven!Get back here now,one of our teammates just died because of YOUR orders!"

"He should have followed them more carefully then"

-Phillip and an unknown female hero.

Philip Palaven is an emotionally cold veteran hero.


Not dissimilarly to that of regular heroes, Phillip was constructed in the assembly tower around 3BVN. Soon going through no special training whatsoever. Phillip was a hero that just stood in the background, not raking in any of the glory.

His hero team(Rho-11) were dispatched to many successful mission, whilst maintaining an unfortunate unnoticability, despite bringing in high ranking villains. On these missions, Phillip served as artillery, providing heavy support to his team mates.

However a fateful mission led the team to an unknown planet to hunt down Condriax, a notorious villain who was formerly a corrupt banker. During their mission they succeeded in Condriax's capture, but returning to the craft they were hunted down. Despite being cover fire, Phillip was the one to take Condriax to the craft, despite his protests. However the team leader saw this as best and Phillip took point, taking the villain to the craft. Before the rest of Rho-11's demise rolled in.

The leader died first and as Phillip went to help his squad, Condriax was released, having to fight the banker alone. Whilst successful in his capture, Rho-11 was now dead.

Singlehandedly bringing in a villain gave Phillip a very high reputation, just as the upgrade rolled around. Taking it on, Palaven requested a similar shape and size to that of Rho-11, in their honour. The result was a diminutive blue and white hero.

He continued to singlehandedly bring in villains and was soon assigned to help a team bustling with rookies.And on their second mission with the Veteran,3 of them passed away,and with loss nothing new to Palaven,he moved on and left to a team of other veterans.

It was with this team, Palaven's core malfuction was diagnosed and he was never to enter the field again. Now taking up the role of mission manager for various teams, Phillip's demeanor increased positivley, growing proud with his team's successes. Now,defiant to the end Phillip entered the field in the breakout to assist a team of rookies to take down a familliar villain: Condriax. He succeeded in this and the team brought him in during the brain attack and had to fight in their breakout forms. with minor brain attack mods.

Phillip later passed away, due to the major core malfunction and was remembered by those who he served with.