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"Wow... It really is as huge as Zib said."
Sabreen Hunt
Quaza Colossus Ship

Transporting heroes to temporary locations and/or bases, serving as base (on occasion)


Several stored, others in use


Scattered, mostly Makuhero City

The Quaza Colossus Ship was a highly advanced spacecraft, often used as temporary base while on missions, or as transport for heroes and battlecrafts. It also sometimes made itself useful as base for a certain Hero Department. It housed a Quaza Chamber, several rooms, control room, and mission room.


To be created


The Quaza Ship mainly was grey, with Hero Factory logos on the sides and doors. It housed big rooms and smaller personal cabins. The latter were often shared by two Heroes.

The Control Room of the Quaza Ship was mainly machinery. Maneuvering was controlled automatically, and the things higher in priority were cooling, controlling speed, and keeping track of the other chambers. It was filled with blue lights, turning red in case of emergency or danger. In the captains place, a large control panel with the most important functions (mainly commanding) was located. It also housed camera view to oversee the ship, and its outside. One of the things missing were cameras for the Control Room itself.

The mission center of the ship was located around the middle, with a Quaza Chamber in the middle of it, and call center around. Further on, simulation rooms were located, together with testing rooms. Inside these rooms, power, accuracy and speed testers were build.

An important room was the Air Force base, located on the ship. An airforce to defend in case of danger was situated here. Most ships didn't have the feature, as it was specifically for longer use, while Quaza Ships were originally used for one-time transport.

Another feature was the Hero Cam, linked to any Heroes helmet to see what he saw. It is often used for reconstructions on missions in the simulation rooms. There also was a massive screen used to contact the Hero Factory itself.

The Personal Cabins were smaller rooms, often storing personal goods as pictures and computers. Also often stored were the brushes for armor and visors. Every cabin stored a bed to rest after missions and Quaza Charges.

Known ships

  • Quaza Blue Planet/Hero Factory Earth Department - The ship floating in Earth`s atmosphere, used by the Hero Factory Earth Department. Sometimes nicknamed Moon Bumper, as it was often going just around the moon.
  • DSHD - Deep Space Hero Department. It was a ship used for massive transport of hero materials. It mostly dropped off heroes in need of a lift. It was some sort of mobile police department. It got to any place with severe need of constant help.