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Quaza Demon
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Quaza Demon is a female Scarox, mutated into a being with control of Quaza.


Once a male and a female Scarox, it was irreversibly changed after massive injections of quaza. In a struggle for power, the female absorbed the male, effectively killing him. Though it currently is unknown how it's form came to be, many theorize illegal experimentation, casting suspicion on who it might be that created this creature.

Notably, after the death of Alduous Witch on Quatros, the planet was quarantined to prevent the creature from escaping the planet. However, the poachers have been getting smarter, and some believe that she has already escaped.

Abilities and Personality

Notably, her high power over quaza grants her power of shaping her body and the world around her, if successfully laced with quaza. If her abilities with quaza were not enough, her aquisition of multiple brains give her far higher strategical abilities than that of Heroes.

However, due to her second brain still belonging to the male Scarox, it will sometimes attempt to usurp her, causing her body to curl defensively and her quaza powers to run wild.

She tends to come off as a calm and calculating being, hiding behind a cunning smile. when her male counterpart does take over, she becomes a vicious overflowing bucket of rage, both attempting to expel the female half and attempting to protect anything it deems as it's own.


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War Demon form

- After the loss of her male half, her rage created this form, which is designed for brute strength over quaza control. While this form is stronger, it deosn't align with her biological components, and therefore is less structurely sounds. She also usually does not have enough Quaza to form this body
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Civilian Form

- While in hiding, she used this form while on a worksite to get info. Belying the picture, she only morphed into the Quaza whip arm when threatened.


Without her male half or quaza armor. Maximum is 15.

Strength: 6
Agility: 6
Toughness: 5
Mind: 11

With her male half. Maximum is 15.

Strength: 13
Agility: 12
Toughness: 14
Mind: 8