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" Revenge....i want Quaza. MORE QUAZA! MORE QUAZA!


―Quazix demanding more Quaza before killing a minion
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Quazix is a Odyn Lord who specializes in minerals and gemstones. He hates those who torture without reason (looking at you Larxene).



Quazix like the other Odyn Lords was once a mere myth. In the legends, he was the crimson red pillar. He symbolized Death and Rebirth, as well as Blood. When energized he was embued with Chaos Fires, which were coated in a Lythian based Freezing compound. Quazix gained control over the Hernax hives and Tabaots. He quickly developed a combat style. He became a high ranking commander.


Quazix soon conquered Odex Prima, Lotrix Major and Minor, Ada 1 to Ada 12 and Preiman. He would encounter Teyta-5 several times, his rival being Timmy Medicarx. He one time nearly killed Timmy, but envoked the wrath of Tommy, who brutally dismembered Quazix, much to Timmy's irritation.

The Omega Assault

During the famed "Omega Assault", he attacked Hero Factory, attempting to retreve minions, notably, Black Phantom, Von Nebula, Corroder, Witch Doctor and Core Hunter. He failed, and was imprisoned in jail.

Personality and Tools

Unstable is the perfect word to describe him. He is impulsive, rash, arrogant and emotionally unstable. That's really it. He is also quite dramatic.

Quazix specialized in utilizing Blades and Sharp weapons. His buzz-saw wings gave him the ability to fly as well as cut through things at a rapid speed. Quazix is famous for the Sapphire Typhoon technique. Quazix will turn his armor into Sapphire, and then harden it exponentially, making it harder than Diamond. Then, jagged and nonjagged blades of Sapphire will errupt, as Quazix spins. A good majority of the Sapphires fling off, hitting foes and allies alike nearby, while others will cut whatever comes into close contact with them.


Quazix symbolizes Death, Rebirth, Blood, Wolves and Gemstones. In the ancient myths surrounding the Odyn Lords, Quazix was the Crimson Red Pillar: The Fifth Pillar. Hundreds of Pillars used to exist. Then, the numbers dwindled down into the double digits, 71. The 7 first pillars are the most powerful, The Crimson Red, The Black, The Blue, The Green, The Purple and more. Legends say that during each winter, Quazix would come to homes and bless them with food and warmth to survive.

A bolt of Energy struck each Pillar, each 71 pillars. The Darkness spread throughout the land quickly, meaning the death of Quazix, drowning the land in eternal darkness. Then, an illuminating light shone brilliantly, meaning the rebirth of Quazix.


Quazix image 2

Quazix with his Stone Cannons on his wrists.

Quazix image 3

His Back Guns folded up into Jetpack-mode.

Quazix image 4

Him making a pose.


  • "I like tacos" -Quazix being random
  • "FROM THE DARKEST DEPTHS I STAB AT THEE!!!!!" -Quazix being dramatic
  • "Oh Larxene, how masculine "..." Ow! Fine, DIEEE" -Quazix and Larxene


Strength: 10
Agility: 6
Toughness: 9
Mind: 4


  • He is a drama king
  • He is random
  • He hates Larxene
  • He hates those who torture for no reason
  • He is a excellent cook
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