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Rescaf9 is a planet in the Hero Factory Universe.


Rescaf9 is a planet that looks similar to Quatros, but has a population that is growing. Its mining ships make it a hotspot for pirates and villians, but the residents, known as Quraminans, avoid the ships by having a Hero on board the leaving craft. This also is a blessing, as if there is more than one Hero on board they fit out the ships with weapons and tools so they can take over pirate ships and cuff the villians. This is often known as "Operation Stormship".


When the Screatures migrated to Makuhero City, they flew low, in turn chopping down trees and setting fires off, which ruined Rescaf9's beautiful greenery. The planet quickly recoverd due to enzymes in its core that boost growth and repair - only to have Tyrant drive everyone out of the mining area Sigma 6. The Deltrax 7 team put a stop to this over a period of two missions.

Popularity with the Heroes

Quraminans love it when Heroes come to Rescaf9, and the Heros like it when they go there. It is tradition for every Hero there to join in on the public meal party. This involves eating baby Crypon Snakes, which taste like noodles, and then partying all night long. This usually results in many Heroes being sick or hungover the next day.

Warrior Godess

The Quranminans worship Cheela, God of war and good life.