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Riaso Xilond
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Riaso Wolf is an experimental Hero.


Similarly to most other heroes, Wolf was created in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City and he was assigned to Delta 47.



Riaso was train by Sam Armor, and most of the time Riaso have failed a lot because of his lazy behavior but he gotten good later on. He was also not the onlt one being train, his friend Tiffany Roboxis was as well being trained by Sam. Later Riaso met Lan Illumin, who helped train Riaso on making and fixing vehicles and also helped him make his new bike.


When Sam died, Riaso try to stop with his lazy behavior, and became the leader of the Delta 47 Team but he still have his lazy behavior. Now with Sam gone there were only 4 people on the team: Tiffany ,Nova and Lan and himself. He mostly want to be a lonewolf but he think he need to be the team leader for now.

Riaso 2.0 2

In his 2.0


The New Members

As a 2.0 hero, Riaso was sent to train two rookies: Mike Zero and Alex Hunter. Occasionally, he would train them lazily, but he eventually got them ready for future missions. Riaso gave them their first training missions (which was to get him Nachos). His second training for them was a rescue mission to save four professors from elite villains. After their first missions, Alex wanted to join his team and was accepted.

In one of his mission with Alex and Tiffany, Sam brother Soldon Armor have join the mission. After the mission Soldon ask to join the team, Riaso and his team have a talk about him joining, both him, Alex and Nova accepted Soldon but Tiffany did not.

Fight with friends

When Riaso and the rookie Candra and Renna was on flight training they found out there was a Illigal Fight Club, so they came to stop the Fight Club and found out Soldon was in it. Both Him and Soldon have a fight but Candra yelled to told them that they need to stop the villains first. Later Melldo gotten away and Riaso was mad at Soldon (That was not taking Riaso with him to get some nachos)

At the Hero Factory; Riaso was a sleep on the table untill Candra came and try to get him to along with Soldon again. But Riaso didn't care and just don't want to talk to Soldon right now and when back to sleep. But then Riaso now know the meaning of "Big Love" and was being crushed on by Candra and she gotten Riaso to get up and talk to Soldon.


When Riaso was being made in the 3.0 hero, he was somehow gotten some wolf abilities permanently in him. Later after some mission Riaso gotten sick of being the team leader and made Soldon Armor the new team leader.


SAM 0720


At the Hero Factory Riaso and all the other heroes was upgreaded and sent to re-capture all the villains that escape because of the criminal Voltix started a mass breakout at the Hero Factory and Riaso gotten mad and said "I be eating my Nachos BUT we have to have this Breakout". Like all the other Hero he was given a solo mission, tracking down the criminal at the Ralak 5. After capturing the villain and taking him back to the Hero Factory, he was told that Lan have gone missing. so Him ,Candra and Nova went to find Lan.

Brain Attack

Him and Alex went to the Blacksun Station for Riaso to join in the ShadowWolf Project, later when they got there they ment the hero that was working on the Project and ment there old friend Mike Zero. At the time when he was in the middle of project the Brain Attacked the station and he was attak by the brain in his new ShadowWolf form and the all other hero but Alex was attack as well.


Crazy, Lazy and Over Thinking. Riaso is not a born leader but he is good at making ideas and plans and he mainly just have Lan in charge but do know how to give orders and keep his team alive. He lost a good friend and leader but he mostly risk his live to save his team and other but sadly don’t know the difference between being a hero and getting yourself killed.

Riaso is mostly the immature member of the team but he's a good thinker, second to Tiffany and take part in goofy pranks that the rookie make and have a odd sick and dark sense of humor. Riaso is good friends with a lot of people but sometime get someone really mad like Soldon.

Riaso is caring about the citizens, his friends, team and others. He will defend people who cannot defend themselves and he never walk away from anyone who need help (even if he starting to get lazy).

Despite him being lazy and nether walk away from people who need help. Riaso hardly let a lot of things go and have big grudge, mostly of those who have betrayed his trust.


"I was just about to eat some nachos but have to have this Breakout"


Picture Form Description
SAM 0721 1.0 form Riaso's first form, which was used by his prior to the upgrade.
Riaso 2.0 3 2.0 form Following the upgrade being released, Riaso was given new armor to aid him in fighting new wave of villains.
Riaso 3.0 1 3.0 form Riaso's 3.0 form was fitted with new wolf looking armor to help him in the jungle.
Riaso Breakout 1 4.0 form Following the Breakout, Riaso was given new armor and weapons to captured the villains.
Riaso Brain Attack 3 5.0 form

In the attack Riaso was fitted with new armor and weapons to fight off the brains.


Strength: 4
Agility: 3
Toughness: 3
Mind: 4
2.0 to now
Strength: 6
Agility: 4
Toughness: 6
Mind: 10


  • Riaso Wolf is the SelfMOC of the User ShadowWolfHount.
  • Riaso Former color from April 2012 to December 2013 was Green and Purple, until 2014 his color was change to Purple and Black.

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