Johnson "Molten Steel" Rivet is a rookie hero assigned to repair jobs around Hero Factory. In his spare time, he designs and builds weapons.


Rivet was recently created in the Assembly Tower after Mission: Catch 'em and Cuff 'em with a combination of the Breakout upgrade and 2.0 gear. He was then assigned to repair duties around the facilities. 


Rivet served to the best of his abilities until the Brain Attack left him backed against the wall by a bunch of Blank Robots. He was nearly killed but was saved by his fellow rookie Evo, who took him into the Retrofitting Tower in order to repair him. Big Joe saw fit to strip out his 2.0 gear and replace it with the ZX-79. Using his new gear, Rivet joined the fight with the Blank Robots.

Mission: G-Man

Rivet was later assigned to a team sent to hunt the escaped minions of Von Nebula with Rocka, Fortis and Breez. He was given a good smack-down by Thunder but managed to trick him into flinging himself off a cliff. However just when the Heroes had captured all of the minions, A newly upgraded Von Nebula appeared and quickly turned the tide. Rocka quickly formulated a plan: Rivet was to use his weaponry to keep the villains away while they all ran away like cowards screaming. The heroes then enacted this plan successfully.

Project Rebuild

Rivet was then brought onto Project Rebuild, A coalition of Hero Factory's greatest minds working on a 4.0 upgrade. He then built the Fire Sphere Launcher for Furno, the Shock Blade for Surge and the Razor Wind Rifle for Breez. Rivet opted out of the 4.0 upgrade, instead building a massive Exo-Suit to compensate.


Rivet has silver and orange armor, while his eyes and Hero Core are translucent orange.

His original form had large angular shoulder pads, headgear with a scope with motion sensor and a badge with a gear on it with his name emblazoned on it.

His current form has the same shoulder pads, a protector for his Hero Core and four wings.


His original form used a variant of the Metal Sphere Shooter that shot molten steel and a Multi-tool Ice Shield equipped with multiple power tools.

His current form is much more heavily armed with a Turbine Drill, a variant of the Dual Fire Shooter that shoots molten steel at foes and two shoulder-mounted Plasma Shooters. He later switched out his Turbine Drill for a Molten Metal Blade.