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Von Nebula(formerly), Heroes






Somewhere in the galaxcy

"Betrayed by my brother, I set off to find the Hero Factory to make...a deal with them"
―Rotix in Rotix's Log


Rotix was created as a clone of Rotox along with his brother Tortoxin. They were always sent on missions involving heroes. When Tortoxin tricked Rotox into making a team he knew something was going on. When the team went on a mission they were betrayed by Tortoxin. Rotix saw Rotox get stabbed before he was kicked off a clif. He somehow manged to survive and made his way to Hero Factory. When he arrvived he put the advanced hero blueprints on the front desk and asked if he could be turned into one under the name Scott Rotix. They agreed and begain working on him, within a week he was an advanced hero. He now often works with Ben Thunder trying to find Tortoxin. After he went on a mission with Thunder he found Tortoxin but he had to let him escape because of the Vile System.

Abilities and Traits

Rotix acquired Rotoxs ability to turn into anyone he touched, but he lost that ability when he became a hero. Unlike Rotox, Rotix thinks of others before himself.


As a Villain

Strength: 16
Agility: 17
Toughness: 15
Mind: 18

As a Hero

Strength: 11
Agility: 8
Toughness: 10
Mind: 8


  • Toa Zion felt that it would be fun to have a villain turn to the heroes side, so he chose this one.
  • Rotix has not told anyone who he really is, not even Tortoxin.