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Von Nebula








Rotox worked for Von Nebula and was one of his most trusted servents. During a mission he snuck into the Hero Factory and stole blueprints on how to make advanced heroes. He made himself look like Furno after touching him and getting data on him. He had the ability to make himself look like anyone after touching them. During another misson he went with Von Nebula and hid for awhile but when Ben Thunder was knocked away from his team Rotox came and destroyed the rest of the team, making it look like Nebula did it. He volunteered himself to be cloned for a super army. The cloning, which was suppose to make a least 1000 clones, failed making only two, Rotix and Tortoxin. The cloning left him weaker than he was for the rest of life. After the cloning he spent most of his time in Von's base showing heroes and villains he had no reason to fight anymore. Tortoxin tricked him into making a team of himself, Tortoxin and Rotix. On his final mission he and Rotix were betrayed by Tortoxin. Rotox was stabbed and Rotix was thrown off a clif. Rotox, in his final moments, called the hero hotline and asked for medical attention ASAP. Though he was a villain, heroes came to help him but by the time they got there he had died. Heroes did all they could to try and revive him hoping that, if they did, he would join them and leave Von Nebula. Sadly their attemps failed and Rotox was placed in a chamber.

Abilities and Traits

Rotox had the ability to touch people and gain data about them and letting him turn into anyone at anytime. His copying ability was aslo given to his clones. He was very selfish and only thought of himself, often getting others into trouble. He was also very sneaky getting away with everything he did.


Rotoxs copy ability is alittle like Axls from the Mega Man series

Rotoxs cloning story is alot like Falon Grey's story from Star Wars

Rotox never liked his clones but treated them nicely