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Custom Form

Hero Factory : Deltrax7 team


minigun, bow and arrow





"You seriously think this is what I wanted? I wanted to stay on the mission, not gallivanting around the jungles of this god forsaken planet. The only thing that kept me alive was hope, Topkick, hope that you miserable people would come back to rescue me, but no, apparently your precious reputation is more important than a hero's LIFE! I bet your team wanted to die just so they never had to hear your stupid voice again!"
―Ryan arguing with Kyle Topkick, Beautiful Destruction.

Ryan Killshot is a Hero that was created in the Assembly Tower.


Killshot was the result of an experimental advance in the Assembly Tower, with a advanced core charging system that keeps him powered up.

He has a brother, Johnny Pyro, as they share the same DNA link in thier cores.

The Deltrax 7 Squad

Ryan is the first new member in the new Deltrax 7 squad, comprised of the following Elite Heroes:

The Loss of a Friend

Deltrax 7's latest mission was an anti-smuggling mission on the planet Recsaf6, a jungle/mountain planet. However the brave Heroes were attacked by a giant Crypon snake, which snatched Ryan and threw him over a sheer cliff face. The rest of the team looked for him, but he was missing, so he was presumed dead until Neo Sniper found him.

Abilities and Traits

When he isn't in battle, Killshot is a 'womanbots' man and is annoyingly mad, but when he is in war, he stands his ground and shoots any Villain that comes within close range of him.


In his Mission Form, his primary weapon is a Furyfire Triple-Barrel Phoenix Minigun. However, he can get up close and personal because he is heavy weight champion of the Makuhero Battles. In his average 2.0 form, he sports an Ice Shield and twin pistols. In his 3.0 form, he is portrayed as a stingray and has super-charged electro claws on his arms.


Strength: 7
Agility: 5
Toughness: 8
Mind: 10
These stats were given after his latest mission


  • Keeping a lookout
  • Say hello to my little friend
  • You looking at me, punk?
  • Minigun goes on the back of Killshot


  1. Ryan is my first uploaded moc on this wiki, and he is also my self MOC.
  2. His catchphrase is "you wimps stink."
  3. He will be one of my first MOCs to receive a 4.0 form.
  4. When he was lost, he armed himself with a bow and arrow because he had lost his minigun, and prefers to use it now.