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Ryuko "Sanguine"
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―Ryuko "Sanguine"

Ryuko, or "Sanguine" (pronouced ree-YOU-ko SAN-gwin) is a member of the Civicry on the planet Pentafrax 7-4. She fought in the First Pentafrax Civil War under the command of Thorn Vulnetrix.


Like the vast majority of Civicry robots, Ryuko, who had no name at the time, was created by the humans, the Imperiad. Her sole purpose was to act as a servant to a wealthy human family on Pentafrax 7-4. Judging by her current-day appearance and name, one can assume that the family she served may have come from Earth. More specifically, from Japan.

However, Thorn Vulnetrix, one of the first few robots who managed to revolt, implanted her with a shard of quaza, thereby giving Ryuko independent thought, processing power, and limited feelings. Ryuko was only one of a couple hundred robots who received a dose of quaza.

Since then, Ryuko has been placed under the command of Thorn.

Weaponry Detail

  • Blood-infused katana: Though a simple yet effective weapon in Ryuko's hands, this katana reaches its full potential on when coming into contact with blood. In addition, the blood doesn't necessarily have to be human blood, but the blood must be red. That is, it must comtain hemoglobin. When the katana comes into contact with the correct blood, the entire blade, even the handle, becomes red. It then becomes harder than any material ever synthesized or made by Mother Nature. With the blood infusion, Ryuko is also able to move this sword so quickly, that her entire arm is a blur. This technique is called the "quick-sword". This katana is yet another masterpiece from Alaric "Shadowstroke".


  • Ryuko is, of course, a Japanese name. It reflects this MOC's appearance and history.
  • "Sanguine" means "blood-red".