Scrazik itself.

  • {{Darthknuxward}}
  • {{Location: Tratix System}}
  • {{Inhabitants: Doctor Rustic, "Experiments", Junk Pack}}
  • {{Orbital Period: 512 Days}}
  • {{Rotation Period: 45 Hours}}

The planet Scrazik is a large planet in the Tratix System that is known to be home to the villain Doctor Rustic and his many experiments. The planet is currently considered undesirable for long term inhabitance.


Scrazik was well known planet in Tratix System and was described as beautiful paradise. However, about 22 years prior to Von Nebula's attack on New Stellac City, a deadly virus killed virtually all wildlife on the planet. Scrazik was left a barren wasteland and quarantined. It was later discovered to be capable of housing life, but only for a short period of time.


Scrazik was formally home to large amount of animals, flora, and fauna. Fangz, Raw-Jaws, Scorpio's, Waspix's, and Aquagon's all inhabited the planet at one point. All wildlife was eventually killed due to a deadly virus.


Junk-yard 3 wp-1-

A junkyard outside of Rustic's tower.

Scrazik was once home to bustling, large, and beautiful cities prior to its quarantine. At this point in time, the planet's architecture is run down and broken. A large tower that was formerally a factory, is now known to be home to Doctor Rustic and his "experiments".


  • The planet was at one point considered to be apart of the same system as Agama, but this idea was scrapped.
  • Hero Factory has a outpost on the planets moon.