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" I'm Here! No wait! Now I'm Here! No Wait Wait... Boom! "
-Shu Nitron's Battle Phrase'
Shu Nitron






Shu Nitron (or just Nitron) is a rookie of the Uplison Team, lead by Josh Freeze. His element is electricity and stealth. 


Pre Ordeal Of Fire Incident

Shu Nitron was built with the Upgrade (although in other universes, he is built with the 1.0 chassis).

Ordeal Of Fire Incident

During the Ordeal of Fire incident, when the Hero Factory was testing new designs for the Upgrade, Shu Nitron was the five hero to be created. He was trained by Maks Armstrong. 

Post Ordeal Of Fire Incident

After the OFFI, Nitron was sent out on a delivery mission to bring a bulk of Quaza to a HF lab situated on the far end of the Maku Sector, during his travel, he encountered a villian named DeathWare, who he defeated and captured. This promoted him from Recruit to Rookie.

Pre Savage Planet Incident

During this time, Nitron was sent to Uplison Team, where team leader Josh Freeze and team members Slade Assassion, Rick Blaze and Slash welcomed him with open arms. 


Nitron is a very talkative, chatty, funny and joyful hero. But when it comes to the battlefield, he will risk himself for the mission no matter the cost. Nitron dosen't seem to get along well with females. That why at any chance he can get, he will activate his stealth powers to scare them.

Weaponary Detail

2.0 Form: 

  • Standard Issue MTIS: Nitron's Multi Tool Ice Shield has been equipped with the prototype Anti-Nebular Gas Blasters, and prototype Hex Shield generator.
  • Portable Tech Repair Kit: Nitron carries along this repair kit to fix up damaged heroes, ships, control panels, etc. 
  • Alpha 2435D996G Prototype Flight Pack: Nitron's secondary mode of travel. Nitron's fight pack allows him to reach speeds up to mach 7. 
  • Prototype Holographic Stealth Projection System: Nitron's favourite upgrade. He uses it all the time on missions or to just scare the female heroes.

3.0 Form:

  • Blue Moon Wolf Armor: Nitron animal power. This armor dampens his footsteps, improve jumping ability and increase running speed.
  • Mega Electro Paw Claw: Nitron's main weapon. It can be used as a climbing tool, a projectile weapon, shooting out electric fireballs or a melee weapon.
  • Climbing Triple Claw: A simple three spikes claw. It can be used both as a climbing tool or melee weapon.


Image Form Description
Nitron 1.0
Nitron's NON-CANON 1.0 Form NON-CANON: Shu Nitron, created at the Assembly Tower. He was fitted with an Electricity Sword and Electro-Pulse Gun.
Nitron 2.0

Nitron's Original Form

Shu Nitron, fresh out of the Assembly Tower. He was created to test out new tech the HF Scientist have created.
Nitron 3.0

Nitron's Savage Planet Form

Nitron was upgraded to have the powers of a Blue Moon Wolf. He is equipped with a mega electro paw claw and a climbing triple claw. His stealth ability has been further improved.
TBA Nitron's Breakout Form TBA
TBA Nitron's Brain Attack Form TBA


  • Nitron was originally yellow and red
  • This new Nitron is a mix between the creator first self-moc, Anthony Thunder and the old Shu Nitron



Uplision Team Members

  1. Josh Freeze(Team Leader)
  2. Rick Blaze
  3. Slade Assassion
  4. Slash
  5. Shu Nitron