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Chapter One

Two Hero Factory fighters are hot on my tail. I glance backwards. They are getting closer.  I take a deep breath and squeeze the deaccelerate. My ship zooms backwards, behind the two fighters. I aim at one, and destroy it, but the other raises a cannon from it's back, fires, and suddenly my left wing is gone. The fighter sends a hook out and attaches on.

Three Heros board the ship. I lunge out and fire my blasters, hitting one square in the core and killing him. The other two dodge. One slams into me and knocks me into the HeroCuffs of another.

Two hours later I am being escorted to a cell. "I had no idea what was in those crates!" I say.

"Don't lie, you know about the masks." the leader Hero replies.

"They're just harmless masks.!"

"Those 'harmless masks' were the basis of an ancient culture of biomechanical beings."

"Oh, not this bullshit aga-

I am interrupted by the Heroes shovig me into my cell. The laser bars activate. I look u[ at the ceiling and sigh.