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Soldon Armor is a Hero that leaves no target alive.


Creation (1.0)

Soldon was created after Sam Armor in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City and was given the last name Armor as Sam's brother. Weeks after his creation, he was made to be a solo hero for more of killing the villains instead of arresting them. Mostly at the Hero Factory, his friend Saido Dieono tried to help him, not to kill the villains.

Years later Soldon heard about Sam's death and went to find and killer but when he found the assassin Soldon tried to kill him, but failed and the assassin let him live.

Delta 47 (2.0)

In Soldon 2.0 he tried to think of a way to take down the assassin that killed sam but he needed help from his brother old team Delta 47He went to one the there mission to see if they let him join, atfer the mission Riaso Xilond but his team mate Tiffany Roboxis was not happy about this and both Soldon and Tiffany was not Friends at all.

Fight with a Teammate

After the new rookie came Soldon gotten bored of just stoping Villains, so  he join a fight Illegal Fight Club that was made by Melldo. When he have gotten to the top of the board, the Hero Factory came the stop the Illegal Fights. He was lucky that it was his team but both him and Riaso have a fight untill Candra yell "HEY should we be stop the villains first". Later they stop the villains but Melldo got away and Riaso was really mad at him.

At the Hero Factory Soldon was training untill Renna came to talk and try to get both him and Riaso the get along again. He still is not happy but he find it odd that Renna was not really scared of him but only a little. He did talk to her and trust her but he will not talk to Riaso.


When the team (without Tiffany) was made 3.0 and after some mission, Riaso hade made Soldon the new leader of Delta 47.

Brain Attack/5.0

After the Attack on Makuhero City, Nova ,Soldon and Lan, went down the massive hole in Hero Factory that was made by Dragon Bolt, to find the two missing workers. After they got there and gone deeper, they was attack by a lot of Brains, when they was about to get back up to the Hero Factory, Nova told them that he'll stay behind to hold off the Brains. Later Him and the other (beside Riaso and Alex) with better equipments went back down to stop the brains with explosives and later when they gotten the explosive was set up, and when they was about to get out, one have the bombs explode and some big boulders landed on Lan. Soldon seen Renna try to get Lan out but it was no use, Lan tell Soldon to get her out and Soldon did. When the bombs exploded and him and Renna gotten out of the hole, he told Tiffany and Candra that Lan gave his core away to stop the brains from coming out.


Rage, Anger and a Taste for Revenge. Soldon is a villain worst nightmare, He do not don't care who the enemy is, he will still kill the target. Soldon is way difference then all the heros and hate people talking too much. He is known to get Angery really easy and get up in people face and cut there head off.

Soldon is known to be Rage of the Delta 47 group and once like being a little goofy and have a sense of humor but now hate it. He is nice guy with his team if they be nice to him but act like a jerk, well let just say your not going to like being on his badside. The person who mainly get in Fights with him and get on his badside a lot is Riaso Xilond but he is alright with him and sometime wish he died. The only person he is really nice with and get him to smile is Renna Green, he is really good friend and like talking to her mostly.


Picture Form Description
Soldon 1.0 1.0 form Soldon's first form, which was used by his prior to the upgrade.
Soldon 2.0 2.0 form Following the upgrade being released, Soldon was given new armor to aid him in fighting new wave of villains.
Soldon 3.0 3.0 form Soldon's form was fitted with new armor to help him in the jungle.
Soldon Breakout 4.0 form Following the Breakout, Soldon was given new armor and weapons to captured the villains.
Soldon Brain Attack 5.0 form In the attack Soldon was fitted with new armor and weapons to fight off the brains.


Strength: 10
Agility: 4
Toughness: 9
Mind: 9


  • Soldon Armor is based on the Rage part of the User ShadowWolfHount
  • Soldon was first made as a Bionicle MOC but only Soldon in the name

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