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Splitface (OonieCacola)
100 5868



anti-Quaza rifle, metal claw





Splitface is a villain with two seperate minds. He often attacks Hero Factory for no apparent reason.


Splitface always had two minds, but they didn't always argue with one another. As time passed, the two grew apart (not literally) and became the villain they are today.

Mission:The Ice Planet

Splitface had gone to the planet Nitronix in hopes of finding a good place to hide from the Hero Factory. Unfortunately, Boost Team discovered him and captured him, but before they could bring him back, a massive storm hit and the heroes were forced to leave Splitface cuffed and stranded.


Apparently Splitface survived and escaped Nitronix, because he was found hanging around Makuhero city during the Breakout. He also took part in helping villains that were spreading throughout the galaxy. He has been reported as missing, and is assumed to be out hiding with a group of villains.

Abilities and Appearance

Splitface has the ability to see all around him because of his two sides. He can also do amazing acrobatics which help when he's in a tight spot. He has red and dark armor, although he isn't fully armored.


Despite having to share the same body, Splitface's two sides constantly argue and are complete opposites of eachother. Ask any hero who has encountered him and they would say they would never think the two minds were once friends. Their split personalities aren't the brightest, which is why Hero Factory assumes they attack the factory alone at the most random times.

100 5877

anti-Quaza rifle

Splitface uses an anti-Quaza rifle and a three pronged metal claw. His rifle is fueled by anti-Quaze, but constantly runs out of energy, which is quite a dissapointment to Splitface. On the other hand, it fires multiple rounds of Quaza bursts, which can do a great deal of damage to heroes, especially if hit in the core.


Maximum value is 25

Strength: 20
Agility: 22
Toughness: 20
Mind: 15