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"If you see your allies losing, that's your chance. Don't step between them. Take the enemy down from behind. And if the enemy is so strong you can't even do that, then just watch your ally be killed. That's what it means to be part of the Stealth Force." - Soifon

The Stealth Force is an elite branch of the Hero Factory that works closely with the Recon Team. They are tasked with using the information the Recon Team gathers and executing the most dangerous of missions. All of its members are highly skilled and very well trained.


The Stealth Force was formed around the same time as the Recon Team with the interest of taking the information gathered and putting it to use. The Stealth Force is perhaps the most secretive of all teams, and most members usually have their Hero Cores hidden from view to blend in.

The Stealth Force it split up into three divisions.

  • The Executive Militia, or the Punishment Force, responislbe for the most dangerous missions involving combating dangerous villains and rogue Heroes, they also carry out missions which require the utmost sececy. Its members are well recognized for their cold-blooded demeanor, and their armor is usually sleek and black, with the exception of the Commander.
  • The Patrol Corps, or the Security Force, responsible for patrolling the galaxy and maintaining the security. They also deal with observing potential threats. This team works closest with the Recon Team.
  • The Detention Unit, responsible for the capture and imprisonment of the galaxy's most dangerous criminals, as well as guarding the Maggot's Nest, where the galaxy's foulest criminals are held.

Known Members

  • Soifon: Commander-in-Chief of the Stealth Force. Also the Commander of the Punishment Force. Not her real name. She has been the leader since its formation.
  • Omaeda: Commander of Security Force. Not his real name. Has served Soifon since his creation.