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Hero Factory: MECA1 team


Underarm mounted minigun




Hero Factory



As with all heros, Steve Chill was made in the assembly tower. He was created specifaclly for infiltration, and for testing weapons. He was deployed to the war zone after he became a Elite hero to help with dealing with an uprising that has happened on the planet that had blown into a full all out war.

Meeting Thrust

After he retired from Hero Ops 9 because of an injury, Chill worked on an outpost in the RexalSpiral galaxy, where he witnessed a craft crash into the forest near his outpost. He grabbed his weapon and ran to the scene of the crash. He first thought it was villian craft, but then he saw Jamie Thrust unconsious in the wreck. He hooked Thrust over his shoulder and took him to the medical area of his outpost. He then took Thrust back to Hero factory, and he stayed for a while, during that time making great friends with Thrust. When Nathan Blitz needed members for his team, Chill was the first on Thrusts list of reccomondations.