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"Of course, I have to keep my namesake"
―Steve explaining his yellow armor after getting his 4.0 upgrade
Steve Kiiro
Kiiro 1.0 Set
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Dart Team


Spear Gun, Curved Blade (Formerly) , Giant Blade (Formerly) , Edged Sword, Bladed Spear Gun




Makuhero City

Steve Kiiro is the upgrade-loving member of Dart Team.


Early Life

Steve was a friend of Gary's, and was the second person asked to join Dart Team, which he accepted. He eventually was chosen to help find a villain on the outer reaches of the galaxy, sometime prior to Gary's departure.


Soon after Steve's return, the team was sent on a mission to find out who was overcharging Heroes with his team.


Abilities and Traits

Steve is best known for his love of upgrades, and usually being asleep. He is also a heavy sleeper, which has led to various problems in the past. He is still very reliable, and always wants to get the job done. He is also a bit naive, because unlike White, he doesn't see the dangers of Downtown. He also takes great pride in his solid gold arm plate, which he requested. After his 4.0 upgrade, he can use his arm armor to glide a little. Despite his love of upgrades, it was revealed in Overcharged that he cares more about his friends, because he went to see them first even after he was told about the 4.0 upgrade. He resents being the shortest member of Dart Team.


Steve wielded a pick as a 1.0, he later put it on his Spear Gun and got a Curved Blade as a 2.0, which was later broken on a mission, and replaced with a Giant Blade, they were later lost on his mission to find a traitorous Hero. Wasp later gave him her Edged Sword. He was later given another Spear Gun to even out his transformation accident.


  • Escape


  • His first name was originally Billy.
  • Kiiro is Japanese for yellow.
  • He is essentially a replacement for Peter Icebreaker, since a set couldn't be made for him.
  • His sleeping was based on The Rookie from Halo 3: ODST.
  • There was originally going to be a running gag of him hitting on Wasp after she gave him her sword, but since Overcharged actually has the team go over what has happened in his absence, he learned about her past, and it felt redundant.
  • Steve, Wasp, and Larry are the only members of Dart Team who are left handed, not counting Armando who is ambidextrous.


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