The Szanrir are an uplift race of lizardine cratures.

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Natural tools Battlesuit
Status Alive
Location Genradj


Notably a highly unevolved race, they were the only race intelligent enough on Genradj to take to an uplift missile which was in the wreck of a Hunter CORPS. RaD craft. As such, their religion is based around the craft and raising their levels of technology. Upon returning to the planet, the Hunter CORPS. convinced many of the Szanrir that Akiyama Makuro is being a false god and as such should be destroyed. This means they are almost exclusively Hunter CORPS. in affiliation.


The Szanrir, who are mostly just brains with legs, need battlesuits to fight and survive. While there are many diffeent battlesuits, not many civilian suits have been recorded outside of Hunter CORPS. space. There are some notable features that are common with most suits is they have some kind of shifting  body parts. For example, Long John Silver's Battlesuit has telescoping limbs. Notably, they can do this do to the fact they don't use touch receptors in their suits.

Notable Battleuits

IMG 0960

Fenrir type Beast mode

IMG 0958

Fenrir Type Battlesuit

-- The Fenrir Battlesuit

One of the most notable of the Transforming Battlesuits is the Fenrir, a Battlesuit designed to have strength and speed. Worn by Serated.

IMG 0957

Rollout type Vehicle mode

IMG 0955

Rollout type Battlesuit

-- The Rollout Battlesuit

Another Transforming Battlesuit, this is designed for urban speed and urban combat. Worn by Adrenaline

IMG 0727

Rollout type Vehicle mode

-- The Adonis Battlesuit

The most notable Szanrir battlesuit, the Adonis is the most up-to-date and advanced battlesuit. Designed to lift heavy weights and stretch in the limbs, what was originally a worker class suit was heavily modified into the face many associate with the Szanrir- The Quicksilver class Adonis Battlesuit used by the Hunter Long John Silver.