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Taal-7 in the Baltone Nebula.

Taal-7 is a planet in the Baltone Nebula. It was where Overcharge was built before becoming a villain.


Hero Factory Outpost Gamma

Outpost Gamma (Outpost-020403),was a Hero Factory outpost built on Taal-7.The outpost never realized that Overcharge was hiding here.After sending many scouts to the Woodland Seas,The outpost decided to stop due to the scouts coming back heavily injured.

Woodland Seas

The Woodland Seas is a snowy forest on Taal-7,and was a famous destination on the planet.After Overcharge became a murderer,the forest was a danger zone due to many scouts coming back with their memories removed and their mouths severely damaged.Overcharge stays in the in his base located under the forest.

Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano is located somewhere near Overcharge's base.The volcano spits out hot quaza,giving this a source of energy to Overcharge.The volcano once erupted and destroyed a quarter of the Woodland Seas.

Native Species

  • Aquagon
  • Hero Factory Personel
  • Overcharge
  • Various lifeforms


  • Taal-7 is named after the Filipino volcano,Taal Volcano.The volcano on Taal-7 is named after the one in the Philippines.