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Talana Frostbite

Hero Factory, Theta 2 Team


Combat Knife, Chain Gun, Automatic Handgun


Mobile Glide Unit





"So you survived. Impressive. Granted, I just lost thirty credits because of you, but impressive all the same."
"Excuse me?"
"I bet thirty credits you wouldn't make it out. I lost.
―Talana Frostbite and Dacian Bounty, Interrupted

Talana Frostbite is the leader of the Theta 2 team.


Much of Talana Frostbite's past is shrouded in mystery and censor bars. The few privileged beings that are aware of her existence know better than to ask.

At some point she was recalled from duty to head an unofficial operation against an interdimensional scout team. Having dealt with the threat, Akiyama Makuro personally asked her to assemble a team specially equipped to handle such delicate operations and to be the universe's unofficial liaison to interdimensional travelers.

At some point Talana rescued rookie Hero Dacian Bounty from a squad of demonic Wraiths, sent to kill or capture the hero for unknown reasons.

Personality and Traits


Abilities and Equipment

Talana's armor is an experimental adaptive version of an elite Hero Recon agent's. It's light, durable and allows for a full range of movement. In addition, a sophisticated AI built into the armor is constantly modifying it at the atomic level, allowing it to adapt constantly according to the environment. It also senses incoming impacts with anything and can adapt for optimal protection .

Talana has a wide arsenal at her fingertips, but never goes anywhere without her trusty chaingun and automatic handgun. Her chain gun is perfectly suited for her size and is powered by a direct link to her armor, which has an enormous battery and operates on both solar energy and power from standard charging units. Her automatic handgun is a standard, but has been upgraded by Zeric Faustus with a higher rate of fire and quadrupling its ammunition capacity.

Talana has also been known to carry Mobile Glide Units, Phase Shifting Prototypes, energy daggers, Transdimensional Radiation Residue Detectors and portable Holonet interfaces.