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Terrence Ballista is the foremost Quaza powered hero, and the leader of Lambda 17. He is a member of F.R.E.D.S. and it's subdivision N.E.R.D.S. His current rank is Elite rookie, and he is in his third year at the Hero collegium.

Terrence Ballista







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Terrence, like all members of Lamda 17, is actually a highly specialized body built to house a living brain. Terrence's body houses the male mind of Quaza Demon. As such, she is hunting him down. Due to the creation of Lambda 17, the shield around the Hero Collegium had to come down for enough energy to build and fully energize Lambda 17. As such, they are indirectly responsible for the invasion.

Built during the Hunter CORPS. invasion of the Hero Collegium, he put right into the combat. After being assigned to take down Long John Silver, he tracked him down, only to defeated and knocked unconscious. Upon waking, he laerned the true extent of his powers, being able to remotely detonate Cores and drain quaza from dead hero bodies (Which, unbeknownst to him, killed roughly 17 heroes who had only been unconscious). Rendevouzing with Colin Rush and Stringer, and later Jericho Caliber, Nathaniel Intercept, and a few other heroes. After hunting down and gunning down the Hunter CORPS. breakout, they were attacked by Quaza Demon.


Abilities and Traits

Notably his strengths lie in his incredibly high power over quaza, rivaling the likes of quaza demon. He uses his abilities to make himself stronger in melee combat. Due to these abilities, he is very powerful on quaza laced planets and also at fighting heroes.


Not actually armed with any weapons of actual mechanical design, he tends to use Quaza formed weapons.


Discovering he was mor e or less immortal, and had power over the lifeblood of all heroes, Terrence became very narcisstic, and tends to dominate over other heroes and in conversation. This makes him hard to get close to or relate to for his teammates, but it does help in combat. Very strategically minded, he tends to lead  Lambda 16 in battle, and as such has declared himself leader. Outside of combat, he can become irritable, with people unable to respect him due to fumbling word skills.


IMG 0819

Shatterpoint 1.0

- The Shatterpoint armor is a mechanical suit that Terrence uses on missions. Notably, this is perhaps the earliest common use of a Mech by any member of hero factory. Many more heroes would soon follow in Terrence's footsteps.


Maximum is Twelve.

Strength: 6
Agility: 6
Toughness: 12
Mind: 9
  • Strength and agility can change depending on how Terrence alters his body.
  • Durability only applies to Terrence's chestpiece, which is designed with some of the most expensive and rare minerals, for reasons unknown


  • Like all members of Lambda 17, Terrence is based around one of the personality traits of their creator, in this case his inability to let arguments end.