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The Beginning/The End is Ulxelaser's short story.

Chapter 1

Five years ago...

Willie looked down. He had been rescued by Mack, and he thought that he was happy, but he wasn't. He had let the enemy get away. He was angry, he let wanted criminals escape. Why? Willie remembered what one of Alpha Team members had said:

"Although you saved your friend, you can still fail in your mission."

Then, Willie went into the training hall.


Willie Flame trained with Rodd Verston. Willie slid and tried to tackle Rodd, but Rodd jumped and shot from a Meteor Blaster. Willie crashed on the ground and lost the match.

"Good training match," Rodd said.

Suddenly, the door exploded.

"Well, well, well." Nobeul Goner said. "It seems that today I get a new punching bag. And Restor and Unknown will get dinner."

Chapter 2

Coming soon...


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