The Cube is a mysterious artifact that is a source of Quaza, buried deep under Makuhero City. It is currently sending out a signal deep into the outer reaches of the Galaxy, for reasons unknown.


The early history of the cube is unknown, though carbon-dating has shown it to predate most known civilizations in the Makuhero Belt.


Earlier in his operation, Mr. Makuro found The Cube's chamber and used it to create his first Hero Cores. This would lead to the founding of Hero Factory. However, it would remain a secret to all but Makuro until after the Brain Attack forced him to ramp up Hero Factory production. 

Bringing Alpha 1 Team to the cube after explaining what he knew, he was amazed to discover the cube was transmitting a signal towards the far reaches of the galaxy. For what reasons, he knew not.


The Cube is a black monolithic cuboid made of unknown material. On it's surfaces, six symbols are carved into it that emit blue light.