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The Grax Gang
Headquarters none (currently)
Leader Xetrozex
Goal conditional
Status Intact, Active
Enemies Hero Factory, various other groups

The Grax Gang is a group of villains that has committed a number of crimes, none of which have appeared to have any significance with one another. The group consists of a variety of villains, from vile murderers to insane criminals.



The Grax Gang was formed by three small time criminals, all of which are dead now. The group developed over time, becoming a well-known threat. It is currently led by the crime boss Xetrozex, who has a reputation of reckless destruction. More members joined the gang over time, most of which are still unknown of today.


The Grax Gang was captured some few months before the Breakout. They, of course, were put into the maximum security prison at Hero Factory. When Voltix set all of the villains free, the Grax Gang took the opportunity to escape their cells, but instead of taking the void out, they remained hidden within the shadows of the prison. Then after waiting to make sure they were alone, they formulated a devious plan. -CONFIDENTIAL- More on The Grax Gang's status coming soon.

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