The Junkyard
Position near Makuhero City
Size island
Population 2+1000
Status Intact
The Junkyard is filled with rubbish and it is almost as big as an island.


It was just used for getting rid of unwanted items, until Junk Yard Plasma was born. After that event happened, the Junkyard was full of Junk Retrievers. And a couple of years after that the ghostly villain called Brandex stole a hero's body and took off his breakout armor, then a new villain was born and he was called Puzzle-Brandex and the ghost of the hero. When Brandex stole his body, he transformed himself and his armor into the Discarded Armor and then they though. At the end of the fight, Puzzle-Brandex went off and Discarded Armor is waiting in case he returns. Sometime after that a villain called Zeerock or something went out on a rampage until Rook and Sheila stopped him. Now The Junkyard is rid of all evil.


It is dusty, it is also full of Junk (obvious), it is bigger than an island.




  • There are lots of Junkyards but this is the only one as big as an island.