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The Professor
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The Professor is a contract killer. He has no loyalties to anyone. He has had many run-ins with the Epsilon Team.


The Professor is from the planet Li. He used to be a teacher at Makuhero College. He liked teaching chemistry, but his true passion was literature. Every year he'd talk for a week on forensics. During that time, he'd mention that with his knowledge of chemistry and literature, he could commit the perfect crime. On his 5th year of teaching, a kid came to him after class and asked him to kill someone for him for 50,000 credits. He decided he would, to prove he could, and he did. Word got out and the number of unsolved crimes went up. Eventully, the word spread to the police and they started checking him out. The only thing they could find was a big bank account. One day, 2 officers came to question him; he killed them both and fled with his millions. He is currently a nomadic assassin, traveling wherever the job requires.


He carries twin solid nitrogen blades as weapons. The blades take massive amounts of energy to keep them in their solid form. His blades are so cold, they can cut through nearly anything. It achieves this through freezing anything it come it contact with and allowing it to then be shattered. It can also sacrifice some of the blades structural integrity to send out waves of energy.

His helmet has had special modifications to allow it to have special properties. His left eye has a telescopic attachment while his both of his eyes can switch between regular vision, x-ray, infared, and night vision. His helmet also has a built in air filter and also allows him to berath in the vaccum of space.'