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The Purple Comet
Position Outer Rim of the Galaxy
Status Destroyed

The Purple Comet research station was a large Hero Factory research station. Its purpose was to research various life forms from an untold number of planets. The vessel was operated by a special group of Recon Team Heroes.


The Purple Comet was originally created for research and peaceful application, and housed many creatures from an untold number of planets in complex artificial ecosystems. Soon after, the station's purpose was expanded into also conducting experiments to harness the natural abilities of the resident creatures. Many upgrades for Hero Factory heroes were conceived by using results from the Purple Comet's experiments, most notably Natalie Breez' ability to communicate with nature and the designs of the 3.0 generation of heroes. Akiyama Makuro wanted the station's operations to be secret, so it was sent to the Outer Rim of the galaxy with only members of the Hero Recon Team to operate it.

Many years later, Dr. Maria Dinamis convinced the Heroes in the station to help her start an illegal project: Project Judgement. The ship was adapted into a bioweapon factory, using the many different lifeforms stored as test subjects, as well as creating an army of elite heroes.

Recently, a group of mysterious creatures called Brains boarded the Purple Comet. Maria Dinamis took extreme interest in the creatures, assuming they had "limitless" potential. She planned to use the parasites as part of the Project Judgement.

However, to keep the secret, she cut the station's communications with Akiyama Makuro and the Hero Factory Assembly Tower. Makuro, concerned on the station's status, sent the Hero Steve Victimus to investigate, and he discovered everything about the illegal projects. Makuro agreed that the creatures and the Judgement Units were too dangerous, so Victimus set the station to self-destruct. Only a few escaped the explosion.



Dr. Maria Dinamis, Site Manager of The Purple Comet.

The Purple Comet had many unique creatures, some captured from various planets:


The Purple Comet was an enormous pear-shaped vessel with two docking "arms" around the widest portion of the station. The vessel was designed to haul and keep large quantities of creatures.

The station's Operations Desk was located on the top of the main body, and was where the controls for the station's operations, such as orbital position, were located. Housed in the base of the body was the main reactor and rocket engine, as well as the numerous artificial ecosystems and laboratories housing the creatures.