"This team was once a normal team, until Brandex came along."
The Tank Terras
Headquarters Hero Factory
Leader James Wizard (Formerly)
Goal To stop all villains
Status split up
Allies Hero Factory, Team Rook
Enemies Brandex

The Tank Terra's was a Hero Team made to stop villains from far away places.


this team was first started with it's founder James Lightning, the team was around the same time as Alpha Team. They got split up because Brandex was turning the hole tam into villains. There was at the end one member left. Lightning was the only one left to stop Brandex, from starting a villain factory, but he needed help.



  • James Wizard Became a villain and a member of the XIII Dark Makers.
  • Zeerock became a anti-villain then he was mutated into big creature but know he is in the hero factory Prison centure.
  • Kevin Puzzle died in the breakout but his ghost is still looking for the villain that he was asinged to capture.
  • James Lightning is still alive.


This is there current forms at the moment.


  • Lightning and Wizard have the same first name.
  • Most of the members became villains.