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The Vengeance Attack is a story written by Starscream7. The story revolves around the events in which Von Nebula, the Witch Doctor, the Fire Lord and the Black Phantom scheme to inform Makuhero City of what they've done to destroy themselves - and furthermore, help them to destroy themselves entirely. The Heroes do their duty by fighting back and protecting the civillians - who are caught in the battle as well. The story takes place after the events of the Savage Planet mission and goes on into the events of the Breakout.

As of now, the story has been cancelled, as Starscream7 has not showed any interest in continuing it. 


"So long ago was I in the time of being trapped, not a threat anymore, nothing that could harm the universe. No. I was here. In a cell - until my freedom. And if the civillians of Makuhero City thought my saviors were savage - they need wait no longer for what's being planned. Every second they've lived, every step they've taken, I have been waiting for this moment. This very moment. To attack, and bring a reign of terror onto Makuhero City. The time has come - and time has stalled to release it's threat. The Revenge. My Revenge. On this city. The power I've managed to seize for this moment, it's so magnificent, that it won't fail. It can't fail. What shall come shall shatter every structure in the city. My minions shall claim what belongs to me - if they fall, if they die in vain - it doesn't matter. All that matters, is that I matter. I am the success - to our future - and beyond. Weilding great power and shadows, may Makuhero City plead mercy to what they have to need to plead to - for this is their destiny - to perish, forever ...

--Von Nebula

Vengeance ... is ... Mine ...

Chapter 1

Staring out of the sideview window of their Hero Craft, William Furno stared down at the "former" Savage Planet - now fully reunited with it's Quaza. A moment they'd been waiting for - the Witch Doctor had been captured, after his fierce battle with a modified Rocka and a brief one with an ordinary Stormer.

Now, all Furno could do was enjoy the ride home.

Three Rookies and three Alpha Heroes sat in the ship. Alpha Heroes Stormer, Stringer and Bulk - and Rookie Heroes Furno, Nex and Rocka. Yet Rocka was the Hero of today - Furno could now see that his time was almost up. He was nearing the stage of becoming an Alpha Hero. Now, Rocka was almost ready to take his place.

"I can't wait to get outta' this armor," said Furno.

"Don't sweat it, kid." said Stormer.

"I physically am," said Furno.

The Heroes chuckled, as the Savage Planet became a glowing dot far out in space - now covered in dense, living foliage and large, clean streams of water. Almost like that other planet, Spe -

The craft was now closing in on their homeworld, and seconds later, they saw Makuhero City, in all it's glory. All the high-tech, state-of-the-art techology towered far above the ground.

It was amazing.

The windows of every building were shining clean. Whenever they were dirty - high-tech fountains at the top of the structures shot water down through pipes that came out above the messy window - and instantly, a special liquid cleaned the windows - and the liquid would be sucked back into the pipe, cleaned of the dirty materials and the materials, no matter what, could be made more and more into the liquid - a golden, transluscent liquid that trickled down anything. Looking like tree sap yet moving like honey, the liquid specified the goal to keep the city clean.

The Hero Craft glided through the clean air, swiftly moving toward buildings, and soon, in-between them. Stormer had seen this many times before, and as Nex and Rocka watched in amazement, Stormer kept his eyes on the line. Nex was a tech. Technology experts hadn't the time to be dazed off in other things like this, things that were too exciting - no. Stormer knew that this had been a tough mission to complete, but slacking their maturity now wasn't the greatest idea. In the ship's cargo hold, the Witch Doctor was being held, Hero-cuffed. Stormer remembered that faithful day, so long ago, that so many should know of, and all should care about, but not many remember, only half care, and overall, it was the vengeance of one being, who sought out ways to destroy their city. His name, forevermore to be loathed, was ...

Not today, apparently. Stormer had other missions. He knew he would have to.

"Rocka, where did you put your XL armor?" asked Stormer.

"It's in the hull, sort of in a compartment in the wall," Rocka said, fiddling his fingers. "I needed it, you know. I mean - a Hero's duty is to help others in need."

"And our goal is to stop the Villains, Rocka. We exist for a reason."

Nex looked over, slightly confused. "But for what purpose, Stormer?"

"We are biomechanical, robotic machines meant for protecting and saving others." said Stormer.

"Stormer, you know. We're more like drones." muttered Stringer.

"If you were a drone," said Stormer, "than first of all, you wouldn't have a name. Every Hero has a name, an identity. When Coe turned into a traitor, we all knew, simply because of the identity that the Hero Factory keeps. Understand?"

"I guess," said Stringer. "We need to get this bad-boy into a cell, quickly. He's gonna' tear everything up!"

Bulk hadn't said a word. Nor had Furno, but he had been staring out of the window at the buildings the entire time. Bulk looked at the holographic flatscreen being clutched by his hands. Bulk's eyes weren't gathering the information - the information was eating his eyes. Digging deep into his mind. This information was live, most of all, and posed a large threat. A threat indeed - one that he hoped wasn't true.

The moment had come.

"Issue, a ... code red. To ... everyone," Bulk sputtered.

Stormer looked at Bulk as if he'd just jumped out the sideview window. Stormer's lips stablized themselves after a brief moment of astonishment. "Why?"

"You don't want to know."

"I do. Please, tell me."

Bulk sighed, gravely. The two words that he said next nearly made Stormer jolt on the craft's breaks.

"Von Nebula."

"No," Stormer said. "That can't be ..."

"Above all, it has been confirmed that ..."

Everyone stared at Bulk.

"Von Nebula, he's ... escaped."

Stormer's mouth, uncontrollably, hung open, and just than, the entire craft unsuspectedly started to violently rattle and shake.

End Chapter 1

Chapter 2

The Hero Craft soared ... but no longer shall it. Now ...

The rear explodes.

Stormer's hands were locked onto the craft's control's, and they weren't letting go. His seat, of which he had been sitting on, had been shredded by the Witch Doctor mere seconds ago. Looking backwards, he saw Furno, Rocka, Nex, Stringer and Bulk, clinging onto the sides of the windows. None of them had weapons with firepower - only blades and claws. Yet Furno had a good chance. Readying his arrow, he stared downward at the Witch Doctor, and behind him, a 100 foot drop, sharp debris far below. This held no good chance of survival.

"Furno, fire!" shouted Stormer.

And so, he does. He fires, all right. But his aim isn't perfect, striking the Witch Doctor in the shoulder.

He howls in agony.

Furno readies another shot, just as the Witch Doctor readies one as well. Pure plasma, from a double-bladed plasma launcher, shot directly at Furno's Hero Core could mean his immediate demise.

Furno fires, and so does the Witch Doctor. Their shots meet, imploding into a bright streak of light, which shatters the windows, piercing the Heroes' armor.)

"Evasive manuevers!" blurted Nex, who had an odd tone in his voice. And that tone proved to be odd, indeed. Nex, of all Heroes thought to have a great intelligence, jumps, down, onto the Witch Doctor's shoulder. Ramming his double-bladed multifunctional into his chest, above his white armor, Nex glares into his red, dark eyes.

"So," he said, "I'm not puny after all. Wouldn't you say the same?"

The Witch Doctor rose his weapon - but he couldn't fit it through the narrow gap that he was now trapped in. Immediatly, he jerked his arm back, and fired at a large section of the wall, shredded chunks flying out of the ship. Than, the Witch Doctor crawled forward.

He was getting closer to victory.

Nex attempted pulling his weapon out - but had no success. He saw himself in the near-future, a broken wrist from being flung around by the Witch Doctor after his weapon was jammed. Nex unclipped it from his arm, and as a result, he fell. In a brief instant, Nex grabbed the Witch Doctor's leg armor, and his own legs were getting pricked from the spikes on his armor.

"Ow! You trim those, much?" Nex asked.

The Witch Doctor shot a confused look down, and his face grew full of anger on the sight of Nex. A weapon in his shoulder, and a Hero clinging for dear life onto his legs wasn't what he had in mind.

Instead, with his free hand, he lunges backwards, his body articulating in unimaginable directions, and he grabs Nex, crushing his armor and hoisting him upwards.

"Listen, Hero." He growled. "You have no need to attempt scraping my leg. I prefer armor on it, and the minor scratches on it will show what has happened today, which will remind everyone of my triumphant victory of causing your death."

The Witch Doctor crushed Nex's arm, all of it's skeletal innards being shattered to tiny shards. Than the Witch Doctor does the unthinkable - he tosses Nex. Down, as he shoots out of the craft, hurtling to the ground, where he will meet his demise momentarily.

Stormer cannot believe what has just happened - and in a moment, can't believe what is happening.

Bulk makes the sacrifice, unleashing his twin blades and slicing through the Witch Doctor's armor, carving deep gashes all over him. To the Witch Doctor, this is a flea, a minor insect addition to this world - and it's not just Bulk. It's every Hero.

The Witch Doctor knows Bulk from their previous encounter. He knows that in his 3.0 form, he is not bulk. He is not full of armor, and strength, no. No. He is weak, and weaklings must perish.

With that, the Witch Doctor cleanly tears Bulk's lower left leg off, and tosses it out of the craft. Bulk doesn't howl with agony. Instead, he fights.

"Unwise choice," the Witch Doctor whispers.

And instead of tossing him out of the back, the Witch Doctor thrusts him to the front of the craft, and Stormer's arm lunges out to grab him ... but he misses, and Bulk shoots down, out of the side-view windows of the craft, his helmet battered with severe dents. Bulk falls, as Nex did, and Stringer watches in sheer horror as his comrade crashes into a crumbling building. The impact shakes the structure, and a large hole is briefly seen from the impact, and soon afterwards, it caves in, and without his bulk, Bulk is ultimately crushed.

Furno continues the battle, blasting the Witch Doctor in the face repeatedly. The burning wind crawling through his skull, the shards of glass and debris impaling his face and the craving to kill the Heroes was immense ... but this, the blasts, he couldn't take it. Realizing that he had been a fool, the floor beneath the Witch Doctor gives in, and his claws screech against the wall, grabbing for something, anything, but still, he falls. The Witch Doctor plummets to the ground, with his two previous victims, and the Heroes are stunned.

Stringer and Rocka are grasping two twisted metal poles, sticking out of the wall, and they watch Furno's motionless face stare out of the back of the craft. Stormer is on one knee, still controlling the craft, yet he cannot take in the events that have just happened.

As a leader, Stormer takes charge yet again, and knows that he must see the truth. Bulk and Nex are dead, and so is the Witch Doctor. With his three other allies still alive, he sees that he must move on, and steers the craft to the Hero Factory ... but still cannot take in the deaths of two of his greatest friends.

End Chapter 2

Chapter 3

There were grumbles of boredom through the section of the Hero Factory Prison Center containing rows and rows of prison cells.

The worse Villains in the universe were imprisoned. Their mission was even closer to victory: catch all of the Villains in the universe, a goal that they never thought could be met originally due to their lack of technology. But that was when the only available Hero form was 1.0. At this point, the Hero Factory had made 2.0, 3.0, and now 4.0 forms. 2.0 was an improvement to 1.0, 3.0 a modification of 2.0 for the Quatros environment - but 4.0 had gone above and beyond with technology. It was simply incredible as to how the Heroes' forms had been so well-armored, with powerful weapons and skills for any mission at this point.

Toxic Reapa sits in his cell, tossing his sludge shooter into the air and catching it, a process that keeps repeating. The energies inside of it are gone. No gunk to shoot is a major tragedy for him, because he could anger the Heroes enough with it - just a joke he could play.

The cell's "bars" are made out of pure laser beams, yet they cannot kill the Villain behind them. They have been purified so that they cannot. Toxic Reapa knows that he could walk through them - but then an alarm would be set off. Plus, it always gives off a tint of radiation, sizzling his armor at any and every attempt.

As Toxic Reapa lowers his arms to toss the tool again - the entire room shakes. It is clearly impossible, for such a large room with such stability can't even budge. But that's going to change today ...

An explosion of darkness erupted from out of nowhere, or specifically in midair. Toxic Reapa gazed ahead. A colossal, swirling mass of dark energies had been combined into a thrusting score of winds that spun around from the ceiling to the ground, where they closed up and enveloped upon themselves in a crackle of bright lightning. The vortex was odd, yet he noticed something. Something went shooting down from the top, landing on the steel floor without a noise. Then it shot up to the top, and disappeared in the twirling gale of darkness.

It took no more then a minute for the entire room to shake violently, the vortex spinning even more violently. Near the twisting top of the vortex were spinning gales of wind, which sent yellow lightning crashing toward the steel floor. In the blink of an eye, the lightning bolts switched their colors to a light blue.

The bolts were, unknown to the Villains present, hacking into the network system beneath the floor. Millions of complex wires heading toward the cells to keep their barricades functioning were being hacked into and corroded. One by one, the systems began to fail, going as dark as outer space itself. And as the system boards went dim, the laser beam barricades flashed out dark. The Villains throughout the room were confused for only a moment - but it didn't take Splitface long to take advantage of the situation. Grabbing his weapon, Toxic Reapa took a massive leap from his cell to the floor.

He looks up.

The other Villains do the same, yelling with screams of triumph. High above Toxic Reapa, one of many "clones" of him leapt from its cell, landing on all fours next to him. In front, hordes of Fangz beasts growled in anger and rumbled across the floor and toward the twisting vortex. In the meantime, Nitroblast landed firmly on the ground, checking his weapons for damage as he ran off with a group of Meltdown and Toxic Reapa clones. A Scorpio beast scurried by the toxic terrors and nearly ran over a Drilldozer clone.

Toxic Reapa ran forward, howling a cry of triumph for their escape. It was incredible, and so much delight streamed through Toxic Reapa as he ran. A swarm of Waspixes flew over them, and were the first to reach the spinning vortex. Incredibly, they flew through it and disappeared. Not only was it a vortex. It was also a portal.

A Corroder clone cackled and ran past Toxic Reapa, two Meltdown clones running closely in front of him. With arms outstretched ran one of the Thunders', and an empty-handed XPlode warrior ran toward the portal to escape.

Yet not all hope was lost.

Out of the doors on the sides of the room, Heroes arrived, their armor colors varying greatly and their weapons varying just as much. The battle was on!

A green Hero weilding a twin-speared device ran through the crowd, among several other randomly assorted Heroes. Nearby, the Fire Lord and Jetbug watched in glee.

"Jetbug," began the Fire Lord. "Gather those Waspix. Let no one crash the party."

The vicious Jetbug flew over to one of many hordes of Waspixes, leading the swarm down low to the running Heroes. An orange Hero looked up just in time to see a Waspix, and then he saw his body in a blur and his head landing solid - and severed - on the ground. The aiming was precise.

Two Waspixes flew near three blue Heroes, all the warriors weilding a type of blade. One of the Heroes dove it backwards, stabbing a Waspix in the leg. Enfuriated, it took no time at all for the Waspix to send a speedy message for help. All three Heroes soon ended up with some corrosive radioactive acid in their mouths, and their heads melted from the inside-out as a sinister Meltdown stood behind the dissolving Heroes.

From balconies high above, far over a hundred Heroes fires their weapons down on the Villains. Almost immediately, it took only eight XPlode clones to begin killing the Heroes quickly. Their numbers dropped almost ten every second. Soon enough, barely any remained, and those that did remain were tackled by Waspixes and ended up with a Thornraxx's stinger sticking out of their Hero Core.

Hero Crafts came soaring down through a hatch in the roof, and this allowed Villains who somehow had clambered out of their cells and onto the roof of the ship from another room to find the portal. At this point, of the countless rooms of the center, every one was deactivated. There were so few portals for them to go through that they literally ended up running on top of each other.

Waspixes and Thornraxxes alike flew down low to pick up Jawblade sharks, and they flew back up quickly to bombard the crafts with the feisty and deadly predators.

The dastardly sharks sunk their metallic teeth into the outside of the crafts, as Waspixes grabbed onto the wings of the crafts and sent them hurtling into each other in explosions of thin shrapnel. Jawblades shot out from the fiery remains of the crafts, giving them a sneaky advantage to fall down below and have a lucky chance to bite off a Hero's head in the process. Apparently, this was proving to be a good day for them all.

A Toxic Reapa clone leaped onto the tail of a Scorpio, and was rocketed into the air and plucked up by two Waspixes and dropped directly behind a red Hero. Startled, the Hero aimed its weapon and fired. Water had so little affect nowadays, and Toxic Reapa took the advantage to give final warning the Hero physically that their head was a nescecarry component of their body.

The Fire Lord shot pure lava down upon the Heroes, causing them all to melt instantly. This battle was proving to be far too easy, as even the battles were beginning to grow complex. Thunder clones rolled up into balls and were dropped like bombs onto the Heroes, while Meltdown, Toxic Reapa and Corroder clones dissolved Heroes constantly. XPlode clones began to blow up the Heroes minutes ago, and Thornraxx and Waspix creatures had their own ways of destruction. The Villains were countless, and that was all the knowledge that a Hero needed at the time.

Chapter 4

"Yes, the Witch Doctor escaped," panted Stormer.

Stormer's hands were clutching his kneecaps, as Rocka paced in the background. Furno stood next to Stormer, attempting to query what would happen next. And a nervous Rocka inspected the damage done to their Hero Craft.

"This thing took a lot of blows," he said. "Better take it for scrap. It's useless." Stringer turned to Rocka, his head to his side. "You know, that thing just helped us escape from what could've killed us all. Don't turn it down so easily."

"Quit bickering!" shouted Stormer.

Zib scurried over, a notepad clutched underneath his left arm and a pen in his right hand. The notepad, which was more of a hologram, presented a view from a satellite.

"What's that?" asked Furno.

"This," said Zib, "is what we'll use to see the Hero Factory Prison Center. It's many miles away from here, actually. I want to get a glimpse of its course. We're guessing that it's heading close to the city so that we can hand over the next big load of villains."

"Well, where is it?" asked Furno, impatiently. Zib turned a pair of knobs on the side of the pad, and the view turned to the left. There was nothing.

And then Furno moved slightly backwards when a humongous, metal ship came into view - only twenty feet in front of the satellite's camera.

"That's odd," said Zib. "It's off-course. They're supposed to be about thirty miles away. I didn't really expect to see them - they send radio waves to the satellite every five minutes to assure that they're in a worthy range."

Zib turned the knobs again, and they got a new view of the ship - with a gaping, shredded hole in the side. If possible, there would've been impossibly-large bursts of fire coming out of the craft. Inside, tons of figures ran in different directions. Their weapons collided with each other. Armor went flying all over the place. And suddenly, a vehicle from inside the ship came rumbling toward the mob. It smashed through a crowd of Heroes, and zoomed into space. Several Villains followed it - going right by the satellite.

"Holy ... we're ..."

Zib couldn't speak. The Villains screeched, cackled, and did just about everything as they came running out of the ship. Suddenly, more unexpectedly, XPlode glided over toward the satellite. With a thrust of his two arms, he smashed the satellite apart. The camera went blank.

"Zib, can you find which direction the Villains are going?" asked Furno.

"I'm losing connection quickly - but they're heading pretty quickly, down the ship's hull -" ... and Zib paused.

A more, eerie pause.

"Furno ..."

"Yeah, Zib?"

"They're coming here ... millions of them ..."

And as Furno looked back, Stormer looked up, and in a growl of pure fury, he shouted - "What?!"

Chapter 5

Lanford Puck pushed open the titanium hatch that was concealing him from the hallway. He was in the Hero Factory Prison Center, and was among the few surviving Heroes onboard. He was searching for a way out, although he was being careful on every corner.

A minute after exiting the hatch, Puck stumbled upon a vault containing various security weapons. From his side, he took out a key, applied the code into the lock and slid aside a large girder on the side using the key itself. Inside were many tools - one of which was an average security machine rifle. Puck looked from side to side, making sure that nobody was following him to attack.

As he walked further down the hall, there was another door - which was hanging on its hinges. He kicked the door down, and watched as it flew through the air and landed in a large pool of water. The door quickly began to sink.

The room he was in was a containment area for certain Villains - such as Jawblade clones, where they would await their punishments. The pool seemed to be empty - and Lanford began to climb down a ladder and into the waters.

As he foot broke the glassy surface, he glanced around, waiting for something to pop out and sever his head. But nothing happened. On the other side of the room, fifty feet away, was a door leading into outer-space. All Lanford had to do was swim to it.

Once his entire body was in the water, Lanford began to swim toward the other end of the pool. He was moving fairly quickly, and making good pace. He had covered ten feet in about eight seconds.

And out of the blue came the universally-known dorsal fin of a shark. It began to approach Lanford with great speed. And it wasn't just any shark - a mechanical, dastardly Jawblade.

Lanford looked back at he swam, and saw the fin quickly approaching him. He gasped in fright, and began to swim faster. His armor flared back as the water went from side-to-side as his arms did the same. The dorsal fin was quickly approaching still, slightly faster then Puck himself. Soon enough, only twenty feet remained to be covered.

Puck felt the need to turn back to confront his opponent, and teach it the needed lesson. Yet he denied this move, feeling that if he did so, it would certainly result in a severe or fatal injury. Therefore, Puck kept swimming. As he did so, he took out a steel knife from on his back. He had only ten feet to go - but the creature was closing in on him quickly.

But Puck turned around anyway, determined to kill the beast.

The Jawblade propelled itself upwards, shooting out of the water and slamming into Puck's chest. Puck stabbed it in the side of the head, directly behind its eye, with the steel knife. But he still went down with the shark seeming to ignore the knive's effects.

Lanford, along with many Heroes, would not go down without a fight to-the-death. Although the creature had done no harm to him yet, he began to take his wrath out on it while punching it in the eye while holding onto the dorsal fin with his other hand. It was then that the shark's mouth reared open and struck Puck right in the chest, slamming him down onto the ground. Worse, its jaws were crushing him.

Lanford screamed, bubbles rising up rapidly to the surface. He grabbed his knife, tore it out of the Jawblade's head, and proceeded to stab it in the eye even more. This was, perhaps, the poorest decision Puck had - and would - make in his entire life. The shark bit down harder, crushing his chest and his Hero Core. The pressure caused his arms to pop out of their sockets, and his eyes rolled to the back of his head like dice.

Lanford Puck was no longer a Hero - more likely, he had become sharkbait.

Chapter 6

As Zib delivered the news to Akiyama Makuro, Stormer and Furno took action, with Rocka, Stringer, Evo and Surge following them. Their goal was to enforce the decision to head to the massive assignment room, where all Heroes were to meet in case of an emergency. Mr. Makuro sent out a message via the loudspeaker throughout the Hero Factory's interior. Some Heroes obeyed this order, while others did not think of it as being so major. But Stormer and the others forced everyone to the assignment room.

A crowd of hundreds of Heroes stood scrambled together. Stormer, Furno and Rocka climbed a stairwell leading to an upper-balcony that stood high-above the crowd. Surge, Stringer and Evo were below, attempting to calm the crowd as Makuro stepped onto the stage before everyone. Next to him came Zib and Quadal.

The crowd began to cheer upon Makuro's arrival, and as Surge attempted to cut through the crowd, he saw Breez. As Surge told her what was happening, Evo watched as Stringer shot a sound wave into the air that screeched through everyones' audio receptors like hands on a chalk board. Everyone stared at Stringer until Makuro's voice came down upon them all.

"Heroes of the Hero Factory, I stand before you as I have never done before. Today, the most major tradgedy in Hero Factory History occurred - all captive Villains of the Hero Factory Prison Center broke out in the largest outbreak that has ever taken place there. The effects of this mass-breakout was the destruction of the Prison Center, and on their way to bring one of the most-wanted criminals of the galaxy, the Witch Doctor, here in order to bring him to the Center, Heroes Dunkan Bulk and Julius Nex were both slain by him. Today was never meant to be a tradgedy, so why was it? Why were we so consumed by this horrible occurrance? Now a mission lies before us: to capture and, if necessary, kill every escaped Villain from the Prison Center and any other ones that may still exist. Heroes, we are counting on you, and we will be granting you with the new 4.0 upgrade - one larger then the past Upgrades, equipping you with your original 1.0 helmets and the new Hero-Cuffs that Professor Nathanial Zib has designed. Now, we wish for everyone to use these tools usefully, and most of all, catch-em' and cuff-em'. Good luck, Heroes."

Makuro handed Zib the microphone.

"To receive your new Upgrade, all technology rooms are being fitted with the new machine to do so. Please head to any technology room in an orderly fashion to receive the Upgrade. Afterwards, you will be assigned individually to hunt down a Villain and capture them. Thank you."

Once Zib placed down the microphone, him and Makuro walked off the stage, signaling every Hero to receive the Upgrade as soon as possible. Stormer looked at Furno.

"Well, kid - we're not that special. Let's get that Upgrade."

Chapter 7

Stormer stepped into the Upgrade room. The room was extremely tall and shaped like a cylinder, with tons of parts arranged specifically around him. Zib was allowing Stormer to use an XL form for this mission, and therefore, live-preserving wires were connected to his Hero Core as his entire body was deconstructed. His original helmet was re-designed, a large, white chest armor piece was secured onto him. His limbs were heavily-rebuilt for the new mission, and armor covered every inch of him. Modular-scout drones were strapped to his arms, which could be used as weapons. They loosen themselves from a Hero's armor and shoot toward their opponent, either firing missiles at them or crashing directly into them. Lastly, he was given a plasma gun and a double-bladed ice attack sword. He clutched his weapons tightly, and stepped out of the room.

Furno came forth as well. His limbs were stretched, chest armor re-done to the latest form, and his original 1.0 helmet was placed onto his head. Placed on his shoulders was an aqua jetpack, and for a weapon, he was given a plasma gun fitted with a hydra harpoon. The idea was that he could simply fire the harpoon at a Villain to injure them or he could place the Hero-Cuffs onto the harpoon and then launch it at the Villain.

The other Heroes came to receive the Upgrade as well, with Breez, Rocka, Stringer and Bulk being given designs similar to the size of Furno's. Surge, Evo and Nex were designed to be smaller then them so that they could fit into their environments easier. Various planets were assigned to the Heroes that they had to travel to. Furno had to head to the ocean planet Scylla, Stormer had to travel to the ice planet Kollix IV, and so forth.

One by one, each Hero was given a pair of Hero-Cuffs for their missions. Up to that point, they knew that they would be given a Hero-Pod and go off on their missions. Stormer stood outside of the Hero Factory, watching Heroes, mission managers and working robots alike scurrying around in preparation for the upcoming launch. Hundreds of pods were going to be sent all over the galaxy. Furno slowly approached Stormer.

"Sir, I just want to say: good luck," said Furno.

"Thanks, Furno. You too. I'll be seeing you back here soon."

And with that, Stormer began to walk off, as he heard the loudspeaker dismiss him to the Hero Pod launching range.

But something wasn't right ...

Far off in the distance, danger was approaching ...

Stormer turned his head the slightest bit, looking off in the evening horizon at the light blue sky. At the tip of the horizon, there seemed to be a stream of spreading light. It was growing wider - widening in all directions. Then Stormer realized the size of the explosion of light.

"Everybody - get down!" yelled Stormer, preparing for the worst.

The light gleamed upon everyone, shooting past either side of the Hero Factory. Within twenty seconds, it began to clear down. Stormer looked up at the origin of the wave of light.

Dark clouds began to form where the wave had originally been, and lightning flashed brightly. It appeared as if apparations were also beginning to appear from within these clouds - but that was just a thought. But it would soon turn out to be a fact.

Sure enough, beings began to shoot out of the clouds. Stormer stared at them, curiously, trying to fathom what was happening. And then, the number of "beings" began to increase. Stormer now realized it: they were the Villains that had escaped from the Prison Center. Who else would they be? Stormer also realized that they were readying themselves for a battle. How did he know this? Well, what else would they be doing? Coming to start a party?

Or crash one?

Stormer began to yell as loud as he could, saying, "they're here! The Villains are here! Get to safety!"

But there would be nowhere safe to hide at that point, for that mass of dark clouds began to erupt into a "crack" that shot over Makuhero City, widening to reveal its internal darkness and shadows within. Not a single Hero knew what was happening.

Everyone in the city stood silently, watching the crack in curiosity, confusion, and a sudden fear that struck them without any possible means of leaving.

Then, it happened - at 10:57, on April 27th, 2012 - Von Nebula's Vengeance had truly come.

Villains poured out of the massive crack in the sky - brandishing their deadly weapons, hollering with devious joy, and gliding through the air to cause a mayhem that was not imaginable.

The Heroes began to run both out of and into the Hero Factory, unaware of what to do. Never before had they witnessed this many Villains in Makuhero City, and so, they had no idea of what to do.

The Villains came falling like meteorites. Thornraxxes and Waspixes glided down to the city with ease, while Rotor drones, Fire Villains, and the rest of the Villains shot through the sky like supersonic jets. The Villains with the slightest knowledge of flight landed on the rooftops of buildings. Then, the destruction finally began. Guns, rifles, lasers, and all sorts of firing devices were revealed and brought down onto the city with incredible force. Windows blew apart, vehicles ignited in flames, and people began to run for their lives. Once the Villains had landed, they began to terrorize the citizens.

Stormer set off to gather his allies - but could only find Stringer, Bulk and Furno among everyone. Stormer knew that they needed to fight the Villains here and get them out of the city - or else ... the destruction would be so extreme that the entire city would collapse to pieces.

And no, that's not really Von Nebula's vengeance ... yet. He has a few more tricks before his grand entrance ...

Chapter 8

The Villains poured through the dark gap in the sky like a tidal wave, landing or crashing onto buildings and skidding onto streets. People fled into stores, houses and alleys.

It took little time for the Villains to draw their weapons at their opponents and begin to fire at them. Usually, they would hold their fire or simply shoot at them in a careless fashion. But this time - no. It was a full-blown massacre - a slaughtering that began and never stopped. Guns were fired, their bullets tearing people apart. Swords and daggers were drawn, tossed and swiped. The Villains killed anyone they could see in their paths.

In the meantime, the Hero Factory was not in a panic. True, some people were frantic - but the Heroes piled into Hero Crafts and Pods. Stormer, in the meantime, grabbed his bike with Furno. Stringer and Bulk went looking for Breez and Surge. Once they retrieved their bikes, they rode off down the long, wide street in front of the Factory. They sped past Heroes going in all directions - and soon, they made it to the Villains.

"Furno - you need to go and disable as many Villains as possible. Understood?" queried Stormer.

Furno's head jerked to the side to see Stormer. "Gotcha'," he said. Then, he slammed his foot down on the gas pedal, and shot forward.

Furno avoided all the Heroes in his path, and saw the Villains up ahead. In order to make a more "discreet" attack, he lurched his bike to the right. He drove up a mound of debris and cars before shooting off, now closing in on his enemies. The Villains looked up at Furno as he beared down upon them. His bike crashed directly into XPlode, crushing his left arm. He then rammed into Meltdown, sending him flying through the air. Then, he slammed directly into -



It was simply an illusion, thought Furno. He drove his bike directly into Waspix, and then Raw-Jaw. His massive jaw snapped in two after the collision. Afterwards, Furno drove directly into XPlode -

Wait, what?

It was obvious: there had been clones of the Villains all along. He had known that there were obviously more then one of the creatures from the Savage Planet - but this was truly odd. Furno flipped out the two plasma darts on the side of the bike, and began to fire them forward to clear a path for himself. Villains were engulfed in flames ... for several seconds. Then, they erupted from the flames, seemingly unharmed and not posessing a single scratch.

It's gonna' be a busy night, Furno said to himself, as the Villains began to converge on him ...

Chapter 9

Rob Cutter scrambled down the steps of Makuhero City's town hall. Recently, the yearly election had been held to determine the new governor of Makuhero City. Cutter had won the election greatly, with 87% of the people participating in the vote voting for him. The other two nominees - Bill Frost and Jason Archer - had obviously not gotten close to beating Cutter in the election. Frost gained 8% of the votes, and Archer gained 5%. It had been two weeks since Cutter had taken the role as the governor. Already, he had made many public announcements - both in front of crowds, on television, and to foreign cities. Of course, none of this was anything big nor new to him. He knew what he was to face, and he handled it neatly as a true governor should.

Yet today - everyone was in panic. Cutter knew that it would be foolish to respond to any people asking "Can we ask you a couple questions, Mr. Cutter?" or "Would you like to make a live-news announcement?" A large car made entirely out of bullet-proof protosteel pulled up in front of the steps. The door was opened for Cutter, who got inside and sat down.

No - Cutter was not retreating from the spreading disaster. He was going to meet with Akiyama Makuro on what should be done. This would not be a giant discussion or meeting. It would simply settle down plans on what to do. He knew that the Heroes had all been sent out to be engaged in battle with the Villains - but if they had known that this would have all happened sooner, then perhaps things wouldn't be what they were as of now.

In the meantime - the streets were overcrowded. Few people had actually been killed. True, there was a tremendous amount of Villains in the city. But they were all standing around on the sidewalks, viewing the citizens as they fled to their vehicles. Yet their was one thing that was going to be assured - one thing that could not happen.

Before anything bad happens, this happened. A dark, sinister-looking battle cruiser slowly sunk out of the vortex in the sky. It was rusted in several places, yet shining new in others. Inside sat the devious tyrant - Von Nebula. His red eyes glared down on the city below. He turned around.

"Corroder - I am anticipating that the Black Phantom has properly planted those explosives, right?" he said. Corroder looked over at Von Nebula. "Yes, sir. The explosive charges have all been carefully set. Each explosive has been planted twenty-five feet away from each other."

Von Nebula nodded, and then said, "Is anyone other than those on our side aware of these explosives?" Corroder shook his head. "No, just the Villains. The Heroes will be caught off-guard."

Von Nebula turned his head back and forward, now looking back down at the city below. Then, Corroder looked up at him.

"Is there a specific time in which you would like us to set-off these explosives?" he queried.

"Yes," said Von Nebula. "As soon as possible. We're in for quite a show."

Corroder nodded. "Yes, sir." Then, he flipped down a lever and dialed several numbers on a hologram. Then, he spoke. "Black Phantom - the charges may be set-off at will. Anyone in the area is not allowed to survive. After this, we will give out more orders."

Corroder disabled the call-sequence, and then he looked down at the city alongside Von Nebula. "This should go just as planned," said Von Nebula. "I'm sure it will," gloated Corroder.


Makuhero City is essentially an island. There are three bridges leading off of it to the foreign cities. Two are on the western side, and one is on the eastern side. Von Nebula's plan had to do with the bridges, and they would open up his entire scheme to the public.

The Black Phantom clutched a small detonation device in his hand tightly - his thumb pressed directly on top of the switch which could set off all the explosives in each area, all at once. Silently, he said to himself, "Three ... two ... one ..." ...

And then there was silence - until he pressed his thumb down on the lever. Then, as he looked up to face the "masterpiece" before him, he said, "Let the show begin."

The explosives - which, this whole time, had been attached to the bridges, went off. First, they went off on one of the bridges on the western side. Starting from the middle, there was a massively bright explosion, combined with a plume of black smoke - and then, the next bridge erupted in flames. The western bridges of Makuhero City were exploding. Steel girders shot through the sky, cars flew through the air, plunging into the water below. Suspension cables snapped like rubber bands, and the bridge's supports also began blowing up. The bridges slowly crumbled apart, and as they began to crumble, the eastern bridge was caught up in flames. The western bridges, in the meantime, collapsed into a pile of rubble that created a thunderous "splash" in the water below. Waves were created, some thirty feet high, and they shot toward the shore. The flames died out from the western side, but the plume of black smoke began to rise over Makuhero City. The eastern bridge, in the meantime, repeated the process that the western bridges had gone through. It, too, began to disentigrate into the raging surf below. The smoke from the western and eastern sides combined over Makuhero City.

Now, if anyone was wondering, why the bridges? Why not blow up the city? Well, if you were to ask the Black Phantom - then he would say, "Why not allow you all to stay here, no ways of escaping this dying city, which you all helped build so much? You should surely stay and fight for what you created - we're bringing the battle to your home, and you should fight for it. And this time, everyone fights or dies."

Suddenly, they began to form a sign. A sign that was being shown by Von Nebula's battle cruiser. In the midst of everything, the ship - in the shape of Von Nebula's face - descended from the dark smoke. Its engines underneath it glowed red with evil and disaster. The ship was not there to bring chaos - it was there to destroy hope, and bring forth death, destruction, and anarchy. It was a new symbol for Makuhero City - now being morphed into a city of cruelty and devastation.

Von Nebula's revenge had truly begun, now. The public was aware of the deep trouble they were in - and what was soon to come.

End Chapter 9 ...

Beginning the End ... of Hope ...

Chapter 10

Among the crowd of Heroes running into the action, Preston Stormer shot past everyone on his bike. He had seen Furno riding off and into the city with his, and knew that he was independent enough to fight on his own. But Stormer had to perform his own duty by recapturing the Villains - although that was his original idea. Now, he had Zib telling him to kill any Villains that he saw. Heroes had a rule: to bring justice to Makuhero City. And, for justice, anything would be done to make it come.

Stormer's eyes rose above the crowd of Heroes, and he looked ahead to see a scrambled crowd of Villains heading in all directions. Stormer grabbed the bike's handlebars and looked down. Set on the sides of the front wheel were two spears, which could be used for impaling anyone. The faster the bike, the more pieces the victim was in.

Once he reached the head of the crowd, Stormer began to ride at full-speed toward the Villains. Some were heading towards the crowd, others to the sides, and several down the street that Stormer was about to head down. From there, they disappeared down alleys, climbed buildings, hiijacked vehicles, and killed anyone in their way. If they're murderers of civillians, thought Stormer, then I'll be a murderer of Villains.

With the spears fully extended outwards, Stormer reached the crowd of Villains. The first one that he impacted was Nitroblast. Good, he thought. A tough Villain down, this should be easy. The two spears sliced through Nitroblast's chest, and he squealed as he fell to the side - still impaled on the spears. His head skidded against the street, and with the speed of the bike, his head was being burnt on the pavement.

And this all happened in several seconds, before Stormer detached the two spears and allowed Nitroblast to tumble to the side, dead. Two new spears took the place of the old ones, and they impaled Jetbug. Two in a row, thought Stormer. No time at all, indeed. This time, Stormer unleashed a set of double machine guns on the rear of the bike. They stretched out to the sides, and began to fire ahead - clearing a path.

Then, Stormer impaled Jetbug - wait, what?, thought Stormer. He looked down at the spears and saw Jetbug, squirming around. He looked up - examing the scenery around him. He saw Thunder - he immediately counted four of them, but there were more. Then, he saw Waspix - a swarm of them, but that was expectable. Then, he spotted twelve Corroder clones. Yes, Stormer knew, they were all clones. And he did not know how many there were.

Stormer then looked forward at the last instant, as an angry XPlode jumped into the air and crashed down on the bike - snapping the spears with his feet. Stormer steered with one arm and took out his double-bladed ice sword to fight XPlode with his other arm. As Stormer slashed XPlode's chest armor, an angry Jetbug flew down and began firing at the bike. The wheel's hinges were slowly peeling apart from the scorched ammunition that Jetbug posessed. Stormer punched XPlode, who smiled after he lent the blow. In response, XPlode grabbed the bike's handlebars and began to veer it from side to side, but Stormer locked his feet to the pedals. XPlode cackled as not one, but a total of four Jetbugs began to fire at the bike.

"Enough of this!" exclaimed Stormer as he took out his Plasma Shotgun. This plasma tool was far-more advanced then the ones that Furno, Surge, and the other Heroes weilded. He hooked his blade to the side of the bike and shot at one of the Jetbugs, hitting it in the chest and sending it falling to the ground. The bike crushed the annoying insect as it fell to the ground.

Stormer began firing at the three remaining Jetbugs and XPlode simultaneously, blasting off their limbs and engines and sending them flying to the ground dead. Yet XPlode remained on the bike. Stormer took blade and pressed it and the shotgun against his throat - but then, he felt the bike jerk upwards. He looked back, keeping the gun against XPlode's throat, and saw that someone had shoved a long, green machete into the bike's rear wheel. The bike had slowed down a lot because of this, but Stormer increased the speed of the front wheel, boosting up the speed to its old self.

Then, he looked at XPlode, who grinned with broken yellow teeth. Mercilessly, Stormer fired the Plasma Shotgun at him. The plasma tore through his neck. seperating his head from his shoulders. As XPlode's corpse tumbled to the side, the bike came to a sudden yet quick stop, sending Stormer flying into the air. A second green machete had been rammed into the front wheel, causing the bike to hault altogether. Stormer spread out his legs and looked down at the crowd of Villains. He pointed his shotgun forward and wildly slashed his blade through the air. Then, he came crashing down into the crowd, decaptiating several Villains and blasting others backwards.

Yet the Villains weren't all that weak. They began to converge on Stormer, grabbing his arms and legs. For a towering XL Hero, Stormer was fairly strong, but the Villains began to pull him down. Yet Stormer began fighting a battle that he didn't know whether he'd win or not.

Chapter 11

It was true that the Heroes couldn't fight the Villains without extra vehicles, as Stringer had already figured out. The steel Hero scrambled through the crowd as he headed toward the Hero Factory to retrieve a Hero Craft. Manuevering the craft low-enough to go after the Villains would be difficult, as the distance between Makuhero City's vast architecture ranged. In some places, three Hero Crafts could fly low wing-to-wing, but in other places, a single Craft could barely fit. Of course, that would be on the one condition that it could not make any quick-manuevers.

Meanwhile, a section of one of the city's three bridges still remained standing. Ashes were scattered across it, and suspension cables were hanging while chunks of metal and cars lay scorched and burning. To top it all off, a black ship began to approch. It was slightly bigger then a Hero Craft, and had spikes lining its roof with thin-probes on its wings. The ship's engines rotated so that they were facing downwards, allowing the ship to descend to the level of the bridge. Then, the floor of the cockpit was lowered so that a dark figure could step out, and that figure was the Black Phantom.

His metal feet clanked against the steel bridge, and the thin legs and mandibles of his pet Arachnix chattered closely behind him. The Black Phantom looked ahead to examine the damage that had been done to Makuhero City. He was extremely proud. Smoke loomed from almost every building in sight, and he could hear screams from civillians and the shouting of Villains. He knew that the city was sliding towards their control, and the Hero Factory wouldn't stand a single chance.

From behind the Black Phantom came another black figure. This one was the Core Hunter - a sadistic, merciless warrior with incredible strength, weapons and armor. He stood next to the Black Phantom, rotating his multi-eyed goggles. Then, he spoke.

"It appears that we have no need to head into the fight," said the Core Hunter. The Black Phantom's gaze was fixed on the city for several more seconds, but then it finally switched to the Core Hunter. "No," he stated. "This isn't a mission that we should have our fellow Villains do to take out the Heroes. This is vengeance, one which we planned and we take out on them from within."

Chapter 12

At long-last, a Hero Craft piloted by Stringer finally took off. Accompanied by Rocka and Dan Blosthon, he was planning to release the two Heroes on buildings where Villains were. As the craft flew through the smokey sky, a large building with a square-shaped rooftop was shown to have many Villains on it - apparently holding several civillians hostage. One of the Villains was tall, with black, white and red armor. His long arms hung low to the ground, and his hands were armed with razor-sharp claws.

The tall Villain was shouting at the hostages, and Stringer lowered the Hero Craft into the background so that it descended in-between several buildings. He looked around, seeing that the Craft's wings were only a couple of feet away from colliding with the buildings beside them. Stringer looked upwards, and started up the ship. The Hero Craft slowly began to rise.

Stringer flicked two red switches downwards, and a third black one upwards. A large silver-and-black sphere shooter was unleashed, falling to the side of the craft's landing gear. Four gears connected with two metal clips, strapping the weapon down tightly. Stringer moved his hand over to a disk numbered 120 to 140. He turned the disk until an arrow was pointing at 131. The shooter rose up and was aimed directly at the building.

Next, Stringer checked all the systems to make a confirmation that the weapon was still usable, which proved successful. He then placed his right hand on a metal bar, which he pulled downwards. His seat shifted left and then forwards, placing him directly in-front of a scope. He grabbed two handles on each side of the scope, and turned it until he could see the top of the building. Stringer placed his thumb on the rubbery button on top of the right handle, and pushed down. A silver sphere shot out of the shooter, flying through the air and landing on-top of the building. Stringer quickly flew the craft upwards.

The sphere landed on the building and popped open, unleashing steam to block everyone's vision. Stringer tossed two pairs of goggles back to Rocka and Dan before saying "Rocka, Blosthon - jump out of the back of the craft. Cuff the Villains and bring the hostages down to the street. I'll get the Villains loaded up in the craft from there."

With that, Rocka and Blosthon jumped out of the craft and began fighting the Villains. Of the five, two escaped - an XPlode clone and tall figure. As the two brought the hostages down, Stringer flew towards the trio of captured criminals. Yet all of a sudden, the craft took a hit to the side. Two missiles had struck the Hero Craft underneath its left wing, and it began to spiral towards the streets below. Stringer looked up to see a Hero Craft flying above him, still firing missiles down at him. Perhaps it had been hiijacked? But there had been no previous hiijackings in the history of the Hero Factory.

Stringer then realized that it was impossible for the Villains to know how to fly a Hero Craft unless they'd been taught by someone who knew about one. He was certain that it was a corrupt Hero, and then knew that it would be nothing to worry about. A corrupt Hero was then a Villain, which had to be stopped.

But the Craft was still spinning, and Stringer was pulling the steering handles back as hard as he could. At the last instant, the craft lifted itself over several overturned vehicles before beginning to fly upwards. Stringer began to engage the weapons to attack the opposite ship - but then, it began to fire again. Large missiles began to shoot holes in the roof of the craft, and Stringer had no choice but to make an emergency-landing.

The Craft descended quickly, smashing through vehicles and overturned chunks of the sidewalk. Suddenly, the craft flipped around after hitting a fire hydrant, and it crashed upside-down. Metal screeched against the street and sparks were sent flying. Then, the craft was lit up in flames, with Stringer grabbing his gun and jumping out. He did so just in time, as the Craft exploded into pieces. Stringer looked up to see the other craft gone. He then ran into the building to find Rocka, Blosthon and the hostages.

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