The Visitor is a biotechnolgical being that is one of The Cube's creators. He has recently awakened to bring judgement to evildoers though his vigilante ways have put him on the wrong foot with Hero Factory.


The Visitor is a lithe being who wears red armor with golden accents, except for certain features. Around his neck, he wears a pendant with one of The Cube's symbols engraved in it. 


Much like The Cube, The Visitor's early history is unknown to all but him. 


After the Brain Attack, The Cube began transmitting a signal towards a planetoid on the outer reaches of the Makuhero Belt where The Visitor slept in a canister. After it reached this location, the Visitor awakened and used his vast power to teleport to Makuhero City.

This attracted the attention of several C-list villains who were soundly defeated by The Visitor's power over fire. With this battle over, The Visitor left his defeated foes fused to a streetlamp. 

The altercation attracted the attention of Alpha 1 Team, who moved in to stop him. The Visitor quickly engaged William Furno, testing the young hero's skill as a rite of passage. Preston Stormer interfered with the fight, leaving the Visitor under Hero Factory custody.


The Visitor is a powerful being, with his main power being control over the element of Fire. However, this is limited somewhat by the heat in the area along with a crippling weakness to cold. 

In addition, The Visitor has multiple secondary powers ranging from control over his density to weather control. These powers are less used due to them draining his stamina quickly.


The Visitor is a courageous being, though quite arrogant. In addition, he is protective of those he sees as allies, even risking life and limb for them.