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Timothy Spike
Tim Spike

Hero Factory, Delta Team


Nuclear Particle Canon




Planet 107

"Listen, I'M the one with the gun. So you do what I say. Got that?"
―Tim Spike [src]

Tim Spike is a Hero in Delta Team, and Tom Spike's brother.


Rise Of Overlord

103 6739
Tim traveled to Planetoid 465 with the rest of Delta Team in search of Blitzer. When they arrived, they were attacked by Blitzer. Their shuttle crashed, and they set out on foot.

After a while, Tom Spike found a tunnel, and the Team entered. Tim complained the whole way. Once they were through, Winston suggested they enter Blitzer's hideout through the sewer. Tim was opposed to this idea and only came because he had no better ideas.


Spike wields a Nuclear Particle Canon. His headgear is identical to Dunkan Bulk 1.0's. He wears Delta Team's signature Vacuum Resistant Armor.


Tim is an out-going type, and will always try to brighten the mood. However, he does have his limits.