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Tishbowlean is an ex-arena champion now a hired villian.


Nothing is known about Tishbowlean's early years of existence, not even by he himself, or if he does remember, he hasn't told anyone. All Tishbowlean can remember is waking up in a cell with his left arm missing and some type of weapon system in its place, located in a place of unknown origin. The next morning, he was cast into the arena to compete in a deathmatch.

He knows how to fight, and win with skill. From what he could remember, after defeating his opponent, the arena overseers called out to him asking for his name. After searching his memory banks, he came to the only memory, as vauge as it might be, from before he woke up in his cell: Tishbowlean. The overseer then gave him an offer he could not refuse.

Tishbowlean then began his steady rise to the top becoming one of the crowd's favorite fighters. After winning his fourth consecutive yearly championship, his first fight of the new year's line-up was an utter disaster with him just escaping with his life. He had lost to a super powerful thought to be exstint dragon. The new arena overseer, having taken over after the old one was killed by the Intragang a few weeks ago, cast him out of the arena, banned from ever returning.

While on his way leaving, a fan stopped him and offered him a job. He was a broker of sorts, hooking up those with special talents with employers with jobs that needed filling. Since Tishbowlean had no real job skills, he took the broker's offer. He is currently working as muscle for (insert organization name here later).

Abilities and Traits

Tishbowlean is of an unknown species of which he is the only one known to exist. His feet have some build in retractable treads to allow for quick movement. His right hand has three fingers all ending in sharp claws. He has a small, spiky tail. He also has two small, short arms located in the center of his chest. Finally, his body is covered in thick armor and many spikes which give him a rhino like appearence.


Most of Tishbowlean's left arm has been replaced by an unknown weapon system. It's powered by a self-replenishing tank on his back. The weapon has four barrels which all fire seperatly to maximise fire rate. It shoots a form of liquid gas that can penertrate through almost any armor to a decent degree causing damage all the while.

On his right arm he still wears his decremental champion's plate he earned while fighting in the arena.