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"Sorry, I work alone."
―Todd Rift
Todd Rift
Todd Rift
Todd Rift

Hero Factory


Hooked Sword, Wing Blades, Flight Boosters




Makuhero City

Todd Rift is a veteran hero originally created by the Hero Factory.


Created several years ago, Todd Rift was brought into being by the Hero Factory to be part of a hero team devoted to searching for a highly wanted criminal who had stolen several pieces of experimental technology. They spent a number of fruitless months searching, during which Todd became the group's leader.

Eventually, Todd and his group found the criminal, who proceeded to kill the majority of the team, leaving Todd and one other hero left to fight. After further combat, the criminal was subdued and apprehended. Afterward, Todd's last surviving teammate angrily quit the team, blaming him for the fate of their fallen comrades.

In the the following years, Todd accepted only solo missions. Eventually, however, he met and befriended a fellow hero named Tyler Quake. Since then, Todd has aided Quake on several missions.

Abilities & Traits

Though outwardly strong and confident, Todd is in fact truly regretful and somewhat lacking in self-esteem. He blames himself for the fate of his deceased teammates, and is now reluctant to allow others to accompany him on missions.

Rift possesses great physical strength and durability, allowing him to deal and take significant amounts of punishment. He also possesses the ability to focus and channel the energy of his Hero Core into powerful blasts of power.


Todd's primary tool is his Hooked Sword, which can act as a powerful melee tool, and project protective energy fields. He is also equipped with wing blades and flight boosters.