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"This is Tony Spark and I need assistance! Repeat, I need assistance!"
―Tony Spark, last known transmission before his death
Tony Spark







Tony Spark was an important hero in the War on Knightfall, a time when a civil war broke out on Knightfall and Tony Spark and T-7 IR where assigned as peacekeepers to attempt to stop the war.

Life as a rookie

Tony Spark was created as a 2.0 hero right after the upgrade came out for the heroes of Hero Factory.  He had many successful missions throughout his rookie days. He was admitted as a full hero, and the Hero Recon Team invited him to join, but he refused and joined Omega-5 Team instead. He became friends with all the other members, and they took down hundreds of villians together. They became one of the most respected hero teams.


War broke out on Knightfall. Spark was sent as a peacekeeper to end Knightfall's bloody civil war. T-7 IR volunteered to help Spark (this was the only known mission of T-7 IR not being in the desert).

They arrived safely, but the other side of the war didn't want any peacekeepers being around, so they arranged an assassination the two heroes. T-7 IR knew something bad was bound to happen, so he contacted Hero Factory for backup just in case. He got a transmission from Spark soon after saying "Get back here now! They're coming!"

T-7 IR rushed to the scene to help Spark, yet he was nowhere to be seen. 

Meanwhile, Spark was fighting a group of Knightfall assassins, some of the best assassins in the galaxy. He ran into a closet to hide, and called Hero Factory saying, "This is Tony Spark and I need assistance! Repeat, I need assistance!". T

he backup team that T-7 IR called arrived just in time to find a dying T-7 IR in the hotel, and searched for Spark. They where too late, for he was laying dead on a table, with a sword through his core. He died a hero.


He has a white core, with orange and silver armor. His weapons are similar to Surge's 1.0 electricity blades.