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"It's full of life. You could sit on a rock and a moment later it'll walk out from under you. Took years to terraform. Shame to watch those robotic fools let it go to waste."
―Human Commentator on Torain
Type Terrestrial
Location Greater Orion Spur
Solar System Epsilon Eridani Star System
Sun Epsilon Eridani A
Moons 2
Rotation Period 31 Hours
Orbital Period 447 Days
Orbital Position 4
  • 74% Nitrogen
  • 23% Oxygen
  • 3% Other Gases
Gravity .978G
Climate Ranged, mostly tropical dry.
Native Species Homo Sapiens (transplanted)

Torain, colloquially known as "Reach", official designation Epsilon Eridanus D, is an Earth-sized terrestrial planet orbiting the yellow-orange star of Epsilon Eridani. Humanity is currently the only species to lay claim to this planet.



Planet Readout

An HF readout of Torain.

The planet of Torain was first discovered using advanced telescopes in 2040AD by scanning light variations within a star's luminosity. The planet was originally dubbed "Reach", but the name was later dropped for the less colloquial name of "Torain." In 2097, the first probes reached the Epsilon Eridanus system, and transmitted back full scans of Torain, confirming its supply of water, oxygen, and animal life.


Around 2127AD, humanity developed technology that enabled interstellar travel within shorter time periods. Requiring no terraforming, Torain was a prime candidate for colonization. The first colonists arrived on October 16th, 2130.

Hero Factory Relations

The Hero Factory has largely ignored the planet, leaving its colonists to defend themselves. The human population there doesn't trust the robots anyways, and any involvement is almost always rejected.



A human mine on Torain.

Dominated by large mountains, rolling lowlands, swaths of desert, and deep oceans, Torain is an geographical gemstone- literally. The planet is filled with a variety of jewels, such as sapphires, rubies, lapis lazuli, and emeralds. Precious metals are also plentiful, and humans have large mines established there. The mines have yet to disrupt the natural life forms of the planet.


The planet is filled with multiple forms of organic life. It would be impossible to list every species, as there are too many to count.


  • Torain was inspired by the planet Zebes from the Metroid game series.
  • The name Torain comes from the Tourian area on Zebes.
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